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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Timber production

Resilience in spite of the crisis Throughout the crisis, this Czech company describes how they actually expanded into new EU markets while relying on four LT40s cutting for two shifts per day. Pila Zachotin is owned and operated by Miroslaw Cekal in Pelhrimov, Czech Republic. In 1999, he bought his first LT40 sawmill, and since... more
Family Sawmill Business Boosts Production with Wood-Mizer WM4000 U.S. sawmill business installs line of Wood-Mizer industrial equipment to increase efficiency, yield and profits. In less than three months after taking ownership of the family sawmill business, 3rd generation owner Mike Junk and brother-in-law Shawn Fowler made the changes necessary to compete and... more
Sawmilling and Timber Processing Success in Kenya The story of a company’s impressive growth in the Kenyan forestry, sawmilling and machine trading sectors is one characterised by adaptation and constant reinvention – a relevant theme for anyone looking to invest in emerging markets. One of Kenya’s prime timber production areas, the famous Great... more
Sawing success starts with the proper blade Wood-Mizer’s high quality blades with long flex life and sharp life have made them popular not only for Wood-Mizer sawmill owners, but also for owners of sawmills by other manufacturers. Şükrü Aysum runs a wood processing company in Kayseri, Turkey. He owns both a Wood-Mizer sawmill and a... more
Wood-Mizer on Safety: A key consideration for a family-run Turkish wood processing company One of the most interesting features of Turkish culture and lifestyle is the amazing integration of modern innovations into old traditions. They harmoniously blend east and west together. This is very apparent in the Turkish woodworking industry, where firms are often family-owned and clients and... more
The Pursuit of Perfection in Business
Every successful business started with an idea
"This building needs to be removed, I want to demolish it and rebuild the shop to store the logs here." Normunds' hands fly about, like a conductor, as he describes the next stage of his business expansion, envisioned clearly in his mind. All worthwhile projects begin this way – with an idea that... more
A Czech sawmiller shares his perspectives and experiences from successfully diversifying his business Vaclav Chara is not your normal businessman. With the window of opportunity created by the Prague Spring in 1989, he started his own business, Kabkon - Kabelovy konfekcije, which has become one of the foremost European manufacturer of electric cables. In order to accomplish this, Mr. Chara had to... more
Family forests provide steady profits with Wood-Mizer industrial sawmills A believer in leveraging new products to his advantage, this Romanian sawmill businessman installed the first WM3000 in Romania and then six years later upgraded to the WM3500, again the first in his country. After 10 years working in the mining industry, Ion Ursu, a businessman from the town of... more
Chennai sawmill reaps the benefits of Wood-Mizer technology You reap what you sow, as the old saying goes, and for the sawmill industry that means processing an increasing percentage of smaller diameter logs as a result of restrictions on felling in old growth forests, reduced availability of large logs and the growing volume of younger growth trees from... more
Timber processing moves forward in Africa A semi-industrial, thin-kerf band sawmill saws a big denya log into saleable boards. More Ghanaian timber processing set-ups are turning to the thin kerf technique of sawing. Operators explain this with the ability of the sawmills incorporating the technology to deliver high grade boards and beams... more
Slovakian LT300* timber processing prospers
From vegetable marketing to industrial scale wood conversion!
A determined Slovakian has ridden on the thin kerf revolution to graduate from a family vegetable business to an industrial scale timber processing operation. His speciality is 1680m 3 -per-month of wood elements for timber framed houses in his own country and in Hungary. Over the many years in... more
Pomeranian timber processor imports exotic wood and exports it to the USA as mining beams Since 1990 this enterprise, located in the small city of Insk, has been known in Poland as B.R.S. Trak S.C.; in 1999 it was converted into a joint-stock company called Pomeranian Timber.One of the biggest woodworking facilities on the Western Seaboard was established by three men. Mr Caesar... more
Russian timber processing
What leads people to buy band sawmills?
In Russia there are two reasons for it. There is a chance to invest in a new business and diversify and typically the return on the investment is quick. Sometimes it is as simple as the fact that there are logs to be cut and no-one else to cut them. Sales Rule the World! About six years ago... more
Polish industrial band saw delivers an extra board from every log A good imagination is needed at the moment to visualize the new and modern plant that is being constructed – instead of the new building there is sand and gravel, concrete mixers, welding sparks, loader warning signals and much shouting of instructions. Mr Bogdan Zuraw is from Dobroszyce village... more
Latvia leads Europe in industrial level thin kerf timber conversion In the spring of 2003 the American company Wood-Mizer demonstrated the new LT300 sawmill at the Ligna show. Wood-Mizer markets this as the most productive band sawmill in the Wood-Mizer range with a productivity of 3 to 4m3 of timber per hour or 6,700 cub per year with one shift operation. The... more
Ultra thin-kerf mills improve yields and profit in US timber processing After 50 years in the sawmill industry, Sam Dunaway knows something about where it’s been. More interesting to Sam, however, is where the industry might be 50 years from today. According to Sam, the thin-kerf, narrow band headrig he installed late this year may represent a watershed for sawmill... more
Russian timber processor adds edger to band sawmill and boosts productivity In a small town ''Lodejnoje Pole'' in 230 km to north-east from Saint-Petersburg Alexei worked as a production manager. A branch of the Petersburg’s company ''Expotek'' is less than two years old. The purpose of the enterprise foundation is exceptionally pine and spruce processing for saw-timber... more
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