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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Smart log processing

The new HR700 horizontal resaw offers modularity and larger capacity for timber processors. The new Wood-Mizer HR700 furthers Wood-Mizer industrial sawmilling range with a larger capacity, modular, multi-head resaw. Its modularity makes it easy to
Wood-Mizer’s new SLP2 line is a systematic log processing line that uses thin-kerf technology to reimagine how narrowband blades can boost profits from logs while reducing operating costs. A company best known for popularising their standalone
The initial cut that squares and prepares the log for downstream processing is the heartbeat of the sawmilling process. A common requirement in many timber production lines is the efficient removal of two sides of a log or cant in one pass.
At LIGNA 2013 , Wood-Mizer is exhibiting a new concept for converting small logs into boards efficiently and quickly. Wood-Mizer’s SLP2 is an automated line made up of three sawmills connected by a material handling system. The SLP2 line processes
Since 2007, when the multi-head HR500 first appeared on the market, this capable and affordable resaw has proved its efficiency and cost recovery in many wood processing businesses. The HR500 can be customized from just one to up to six cutting
Wood-Mizer developed the Small Log Processing (SLP) line to provide an efficient and economical way to process small logs while achieving good productivity and high yield of sawn boards. SLP lines are designed to customers' requirements from a
A wood cutting machine, launched this year, offers a new, progressive idea incomparable in Europe and crucial for wood processors More than 150 small log processing (SLP) set-ups have been installed across Europe and successfully exploited since
Wood-Mizer has revealed the impending launch of a modular horizontal resaw with from two to six cutting heads, to meet the needs of small sawing operators, farmers and estate owners who wish to further extend timber processing. The add-on or
Evolution of the prototype small log processing system (SLP) unveiled at the Ligna timber & forestry fair in Hannover one year ago has evolved to the state-of-the-art set-up demonstrated at Xylexpo. Several components are upgraded to enhance this
Traditionally, making money from the conversion of small logs is tricky. It depends on a lot of factors. For a start it is a quite complicated, with many variables. On one hand its seems attractive since small logs –– say, 100-400mm in diameter and
Small log processing, the principal demonstration, showed how small logs of often previously unviable species are converted to profitable lumber. It is achieved by a set-up comprising a twin vertical saw (TVS), a TVS log infeed system, a TVS slab
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