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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Sharpening and setting

This is the place to find advice and technical information about Wood-Mizer blade maintenance, sharpening and setting as well as troubleshooting.

Blade Sharpening
Quick Guide
Check that the grinding wheel profile matches the blade profile. Insert the blade into the sharpener (photo 1). Make sure the blade pusher moves the blade into the proper position. The whole profile must be covered by the grinding wheel (photo 2). IMPORTANT! Correct the blade pusher position if... more
Some tips for Wood-Mizer band blades users
Stay sharp out there
We know the life expectancy of your blades is one of the most significant issues you face as a sawmill operator. Understandably, you want to get the most out of each blade. Since there are so many contributing factors, blade performance is not always a simple issue. For example, blade life can be... more
New blades, sharpeners and setters launched as Wood-Mizer completes European manufacturing expansion Wood-Mizer’s six-year expansion of band blades manufacturing lines at its European headquarters in Poland is complete, the company announced at Ligna. At the same time it unveiled two new blades maintenance packages, an extra blade profile and three new blade widths, increasing its selection to... more
The BMP-PLCBN blade sharpener has been improved Now, its blade position can be altered up or down, with the motor’s position remaining fixed. Before, the motor was the adjustable element. The development improves sharpening quality, particularly the setting of teeth profiles and edges. In addition a waterproof case for the blade feed motor is... more
How to ensure the bandsaw blade life Proper blade maintenance and attention to the applications which are recommended for certain profiles can ensure the longest bandsaw blade life possible. They also lead to the most accurate cuts. It is important to discuss the different selections with a Wood-Mizer blade specialist. Together, we'll... more
Sharpening troubleshooting Let’s talk about typical mistakes in blade sharpening and setting. 1. Cracks happen as a result of incorrect blade roller adjustment. The back of the blade constantly rubs against the roller flange and case hardens the back of the blade which results in the blade cracking from the back. 2. In this... more
Comparison of 13/29 and 10/30 Profile Blades Cutting Softwood At the recent International Distributor Meeting held at the European headquarters in Kolo Poland, Wood-Mizer gave a demonstration of the difference between using their 10/30 general purpose blade and the new 13/29 blade that has been designed for cutting softwoods. Both blades were our special... more
How to use and maintain the Wood-Mizer blades Wood-Mizer manufactures not only sawmills but also blades.. Our main goal is to ensure fast accurate cutting in many types of timber. We have already had considerable success, our technology is spreading and we are now selling blades in 107 countries of the world. However we continue to work on... more
Sawmill blade maintenance The advantages of bandsaw cutting technology in comparison with traditional circular saw benches are well-known: Cutting accuracy, Mobility, Multi-functionality and Economy. Nevertheless bandsaw cutting with all its undoubted advantages is connected with one inevitable factor, - the bandsaw blade.... more
Avoid "Wavy" Cuts Many operators know this problem: during sawing "Wavy" cuts appear. The problem is really serious, but you can solve it. Let us examine, step by step, all the factors affecting the sawing process. There are four of them: the operator, the sawmill, the blade and the wood. The operator The first... more
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