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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Roofing and timber frame constructions

For the Silbernagl family of the Czech Republic, woodworking is their passion. In the Czech village of Davle Sloup we meet a family who is passionate about their chosen profession. Alice and Vaclav Silbernagl are enthusiastic woodworkers whose hobby and business are one and the same. Vaclav is a...
With the help of a Wood-Mizer sawmill, this Romanian family built a new home and is developing a growing woodworking business. Eduard Ichim, an experienced carpenter, and his wife Monica, a talented wood carver, established their family business in 2001. Living in a heavily forested region of...
The Kucera family successfully develops sawing business and helps people build the homes of their dreams Jiri Kucera has been a woodworker for many years. Together with his wife Adriana Kucerova, they have owned their own business using Wood-Mizer sawmills since 2002. "The first time I saw this...
A builder from the Czech Republic fulfills the dream of his own small timber business. Vladimir Vrsek from the Czech city of Krivoklat, 30 kilometres south of Prague, has long dreamed about wood. Although a construction engineer, he and his svager (brother-in-law) Ivon Krob considered several...
A sawmill-based roofing operation in central Poland, very near Wood-Mizer's European headquarters and manufacturing facility is prospering by converting local timber to building supports. The key lies in a pair of band sawmills which brought flexibility, accuracy, quality and significantly reduced...
A Scottish manufacturer of log cabins and other dwellings has improved his prices and reduced his 'carbon footprint' by eliminating his wood waste. At the same time he appears to be beating the recession. Michael Dutton, 50, formed The Tsarina Imperial Dacha Co Ltd in 2007 to build log structures,...
On the Hungarian-Slovakian border where languages and traditions mix even within families, the town of Komarno boasts two Wood-Mizer offices –– one each side of the river Danube. Wood-Mizer Hungary is on the south bank, Wood-Mizer Danubia on the north. Both are headed by Viktor Turoczy. He...
Specialist timber processor Wealden Oaks , Edenbridge, Kent has enjoyed the building boom of the past decade to the extent of 3,000% growth supplying oak components for builders of timber frame houses in Kent. The company saws and converts oak logs into 4500m3 of finished oak beams, trusses, joist,...
Two Russian brothers are launching a sustainable timber frame house building operation using techniques perfected on timber sawn on a pair of small, narrow kerf band sawmills. The brothers Ryabushev’ wooden windows and doors business in the 700-years-old Russian city of Vereya, 100 Km from Moscow,...
A small rural buildings manufacturing business in Eastern Holland has grown significantly on the back of a mixture of nostalgia and rural needs.But sympathetic, authentic design and clever construction plus good quality, cost effective timber processing are also factors contributing to ‘De Holle’s’...
A Norwegian timber worker’s dream in the 1960s of owning his own family-supporting timber processing operation has come to fruition at a village called Bryne near Stavanger. It is about to expand into the rewarding timber frame building components sector in the South-West of Norway, where...
Mr. Piotr Trykowski, owner of the company ''Galant'' tells us that he started his activities in 1990 by selling round logs to Germany, he then moved into agenting sawn timber.And in 1996 Mr.Trykowski bought the Wood-Mizer sawmill. Together with four people he started to process the timber himself....
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