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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Pallet wood production

CRS Timber Products gain extra traction with a series of mill upgrades to boost efficiency and drive product diversification. CRS Timber Products’ Brondal-based mill lies tucked-up in one of the many valleys that crisscross the area northwest
Mr. Vukasin Marcetic started his own sawmill company, Balat Promet, in the Serbian village of Radicevic in 1989. "At that time," shares Mr. Marcetic, "there was a huge demand for construction timber. The nearest sawmill was 50 km away from our
By implementing more efficient sawmilling technology, these Serbian pallet producers are staying ahead of the competition. Together with his brother and friend, Zoran Jakovlevic has been involved in the wood industry for 25 years. In the early ‘90s,
Illustrating that success is still within reach during times of economic crisis, a small family company from the Croatian village of Mala Maslenjaca is demonstrating how business diversification is a key ingredient for lasting profitability. The
A philosophy of gradual growth has helped this Croatian wood processing company grow into a major manufacturer of pallets and briquettes. A lathe operator by profession, Zelimir Koscal founded his own company in 1993. "He began working out of the
By acquiring the right kit he no longer finds himself hostage to bought-in sawn timber; and the whole operation caneasily be removed to another location whereprofitsare for the taking! Established by Stephen Sufferin in 2005 predominately to
In the dramatic Viterbo countryside North-West of Rome, Giovan Battista Boggi set up a successful pallet and bins manufacturing operation ten years ago and it still does pretty well despite recession. His semi-industrial band sawmill is a key to
"When our country joined the European Union we wood processors realised that we would face exacting standards in both product quality and safety procedures. "We were right and additionally, labour costs rose in Croatia. "Consequently, running a
The French pallet maker, Scierie Pallets du Littoral SA has announced almost doubled output. At the same time as this manufacturing surge it has set up a separate, non-profit making training establishment. At first glance, the two developments seem
Latvian citizens’ access to Europe’s booming labour-market following EU accession has caused a brain drain from the Baltic country. Skilled woodworkers are leaving Latvia for other EU countries – such as Ireland – where they earn higher wages
Anglo-Dutch steel giant, Corus, has improved the efficiency and cost of thousands of wooden pallets on which it transports flat, rolled steel around Europe.It had responded favourably when one of its operators, David Holden, at the Blackburn mill in
Aldis Drikis states and… conquers the English market The ''Toto'' company bought a Wood-Mizer's MultiHead in December 2000, when the timber market in Europe was, frankly speaking, cheerless. However the new equipment gave him the possibility to
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