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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Orange band sawmills

Consider Wood-Mizer's 'orange' range of band sawmills! They range from small mills used by farmers, estates and small businesses - through the mid-range 'workhorses' which resemble the original Wood-Mizer invented in 1982 - to semi-industrial sawmills which include remote controlled versions for high output materials handling.

For a stage further into the sphere of industrial scale timber processing go to INDUSTRIAL SAWMILLS.

New Timbery M100 entry-level sawmill arrives in Europe The new Timbery M100 is among the most affordable band sawmills yet. Designed by a Canadian sawmill specialist with more than 30 years of sawmill design experience, the Timbery M100 is among the most affordable entry-level band sawmills available on the market. The M100, while designed for... more
The Wood-Mizer LT20 Sawmill Series
Affordable, professional timber production
Designed to saw timber in smaller enterprises such as furniture workshops, forest cooperatives, local sawmill services, and farms, the LT20 is the ideal combination of affordability and maximum features for quality and efficient production of timber. Main features: 1) Efficient Cutting Using... more
Wood-Mizer unveils series of segmented-bed band sawmills Following a development project at Wood-Mizer’s Moscow branch to initiate a sawmill on segmented beds for commercial cutting, the new, ‘chunky’ LT20B sawmill was presented to visitors at Moscow’s timber trade fair in September 2008. Two years later this development has spawned a new ‘range’. The... more
Three ideas for small businesses
Dedicated sawmills launch will help small woodworking set-ups diversify
Understanding that small businesses will play a big role in the recovery of Europe's economies, Wood-Mizer took a long look at what most of its customers are looking for and carefully analysed feedback from its representatives in over 100 countries. Also, the aim was to assess exactly how the... more
Small Wood-Mizer bandsaw LT20B is 'chunkier' and remote controlled The LT20B band sawmill unveiled last year and combining the attributes of two mills –– one small, the other small-to-medium –– has gone remote! It was an innovation suited to the 2009 credit crunch, enabling operators to promote themselves to a 'chunkier' sawmill without paying for the larger... more
Re-launched, semi-industrial band sawmill Wood-Mizer LT70-Remote suits business climate Galvanized by current market conditions, Wood-Mizer has relaunched its remote-controlled LT70 semi-industrial band sawmill with major enhancements. In static mode in a production line with an edger this mill is particularly productive and flexible in turning out final products, claims the company.... more
‘Chunkier’ version of small band sawmill Wood-Mizer LT20B In difficult economical conditions Wood-Mizer’s new sawmill bed design aims to boost productivity . Narrow blade band sawmill leader, Wood-Mizer, has unveiled a mill which combines the attributes of two of its mills –– one small, the other small-to-medium. It claims that the new mill will suit... more
Wood-Mizer has revealed its smallest band sawmill LT10 Called the Wood-Mizer LT10 sawmill, it is priced 20% lower than the hitherto smallest by using a 5.5 kW electrically-powered motor.Within the price the LT10 band sawmill is able to incorporate the same thin kerf technology as the industrial mill and sawing quality is the same as its larger... more
‘Super Hydraulic’ bed for LT40 and LT70 band sawmills Important improvements to LT40 and ‘70 sawmills come in the form of a ‘Super Hydraulic’ bed with more log-handling functions and better siting of hydraulic controls. Innovative features of the ‘Super Hydraulic’ bed are: Vertical side supports. These supports are quicker in operation and easier to... more
Economical, robust, single head resaw from Wood-Mizer Wood-Mizer has developed a single head resaw. The new resaw converts cants or blocks into boards or battens and, by doing the resawing operation on a dedicated saw, greatly increases the productivity of the initial breakdown sawmill. Based on the widely used Wood-Mizer LT70 sawmill head, the resaw... more
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