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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

New market niches

An LT15 sawmill with the MP100 moulder/planer
The 2-in-1 combination is ideal for log home construction
For Hanis Log Homes in the Czech Republic, log home construction is a big business. Employing more than 50 craftsmen and producing more log homes each year, the company specialises in custom home designs that truly showcase the natural beauty of natural wood. Common in Scandinavian countries,... more
Building a vineyard and winery on a farm
The Wood-Mizer sawmill creates opportunities when traditional farming was impossible
In 2003, David and Teresa Weyler invested in a large country farm in the hills of Bedford, Kentucky in the United States. Happy with their purchase, in 2005 the Weylers acquired more land along the Little Kentucky River, which included an old, historic farm home that had been built in the early... more
The Sound of the Bells Oak yokes and belfries enhance the sounds of traditional bells for a Germany bell company since 1725. The Bachert company, originally founded in the year 1725 by Kaspar Bachert in southwest Germany, casts and restores the whole range of bronze bells and wooden belfries for clients throughout... more
A Woodworking Family
Inspired by Hard Work & Imagination
Not far from the Polish town of Kolo, well known for being the headquarters of Wood-Mizer’s European sawmill manufacturing facilities, the Matusiak family has created their own family business at their home, in the quiet countryside and surrounded by a garden and wooden pavilions. A nearby quiet... more
Bulgarian wood processor builds hotel Yola with the earnings
What Yola wants, Yola gets!
After several years of successful wood processing from the small Bulgarian village of Chepelare, in the Rhodope mountains, Svetla and Tihomir Todorovs have invested their earnings in a three-storey family hotel which they have called Yola. "Our business really took off after Echotechproduct, the... more
Wood-Mizer band saw fulfils American sawyer’s tree house dream for grandchildren William Schweikert, Springville, New York has owned his Wood-Mizer band sawmill for many years, using it to good effect when building seven structures on his land. Additionally, he gained enjoyment from restoring an old, solid building dating back to the times of Abraham Lincoln and stage... more
Wood-Mizer sawmill enables German wood sculptor to dominate niche market "Artists from east and west Germany are quite different: artists from the west are philosophers; artists from the east, craftsmen", says Gisbert Baarmann, a wood designer and artist from the Uckermark region, near the Polish border and north of Berlin in what used to be East Germany. In the... more
Thin kerf technology stimulates coffin maker's unremitting growth
A ‘Nobel Prize’ in wood processing?
A Polish firm which diversified from run-of-the-mill timber processing to mass production of coffins and which made full use of opportunities from European Union entry has become a flagship commercial enterprise in Poland. New business methods, attention to quality and no fear of installing the... more
Small band saw cuts the ice at Norway's Royal Palace A small band sawmill cuts ice into carefully measured blocks at the royal palace or ‘slottet’ in the preparation of an ice rose, for HM the King of Norway’s 70th birthday on 21st February.The 100 tonnes of ice came from the frozen lake near H?nefoss, in the North of the country. Each 1,20 x 2,20 x... more
How band saw processing of oak can help sell beverages
Wood-Mizer sawmill has appeared at the heart of interesting project
On the western side of Poland, some hundred kilometres from the border with Germany lies the small city of Siedlec. Here we find Spoiw-Candi S.J, a manufacturing company producing alcoholic drinks. We have come to meet with the family, which produce one of the most original vodka bottle packages in... more
Band saw key to transformation of Bulgarian 'pub' interior Last year, Zdrayko Panow, a Bulgarian sawyer, won a valuable order for a 'pub'. The 'pub' is in the hotel Ribaritsa which is located in a picturesque resort in the mountains near Teteven city. Mr Zdravko Panow’s and his Wood-Mizer LT15 were called in to remodel the bar to fit in with the landscape... more
Barrel making enterprise in Russia prospers on band saw operation Vadim Kolesnikov has been interested for years with everything connected with timber. As usual his entrance to business started from timber sawing on a Wood-Mizer sawmill, which he bought in 1993. However his plans were much larger. He asked himself: Is it possible to organize a barrel making... more
Band sawmill cuts 500 mt of ice in 14 days for Finnish Snow Show
Not what it's meant for but cool
A Finnish Laplander has taken time off from sawing pine logs for cabins, herding reindeer and dairy farming to cut over 500 metric tons of ice for Finland's 2004 Snow Show 12th February to 31st March. The 55-year-old Lapp, Samuli Luksua, sawed twelve hundred 60 x 60 x 125 centimetres ice blocks... more
Band saws permit expansion of timber cafes and restaurants in Eastern Europe Quickly built wooden cafes and restaurants could become an excellent business in Eastern Europe. In early spring there are the taps of hammers and sounds of sawmills along the whole coast. This means small wooden restaurants are being built. Some of them will be used only for one season and will be... more
Ukrainian sauna maker expands with band sawmill Which factors are the most important for you while the equipment purchasing? The Wood-Mizer customers pay their attention first of all to the equipment quality and its reliability. That is how the Wood-Mizer equipment was tested in the Ukraine. Anatoli Sviatetsky, the ''Test'' company owner, tells... more
Wood-Mizer band saw operation galvanises export of Latvian sawn timber for saunas Near Madona (a city in Latvia) there are many Wood-Mizer saw-mills. Their main advantage is to cut high quality knot-free timber The company ''Meneslicis'', for instance, concentrates on producing boards from Aspen and Black Alder for saunas. Everyone who enjoys saunas also knows that it is... more
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