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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Interesting facts

Running with the competition at the 2013 Sawmill Shootout Organised by a sawmilling industry magazine, the Sawmill Shootout is another Wood-Mizer traditional event we share with our competitors. Open to all sawmill companies, the Shootout brings the various makes and models together for a competition, where the spectators are able to compare the mills in... more
Football Match: Wood-Mizer Poland and MOST-Ukraine On the 20th of February, 2014, Wood-Mizer Kolo’s football team hosted our distributors from Ukraine (MOST-Ukraine) to a football match. Approximately 150 spectators came to watch the fun. The match turned out to be very exciting, as the score rose higher and higher from both sides. With only 3.5... more
Wood-Mizer's 2014 Personal Best Contest - first time in Germany Since Wood-Mizer began in Indiana in 1982, many of our customers have built some truly amazing things with their own wood. This fact is shown in no better way than by the contest that is held by our US headquarters. Customers are invited to submit projects that they have built with their own wood.... more
Ten years of Wood-Mizer Blade Manufacturing at ISO 9001 Standards In 2013, Wood-Mizer celebrated a significant anniversary: ten years of ISO 9001 certified band blade production. The ISO 9001 certification is a series of international standards that describes the requirements for a quality management system for organizations and enterprises. The first time an... more
Does Wood-Mizer now manufacture wide bandsaw blades? At the Ligna exhibition in May this year, Wood-Mizer exhibited its new WM1000 sawmill for the first time. This attracted considerable interest because it is the largest sawmill manufactured by the company to date. Designed to cut logs up to 1.7m in diameter, the WM1000 has been developed to offer... more
Wood-Mizer supported the community of Kolo with the donation of a Lastec Articulator mower to maintain the town's football stadium and other green areas A Lastec Articulator mower is providing a fast, efficient and economical solution to cutting the grass at the football stadium and other turfed areas in Kolo, Poland, where Wood-Mizer has its European headquarters. The mower was given to the town by Wood-Mizer Industries last year, in recognition... more
Richard Vivers steps out for charity Wood-Mizer's chief operating officer Richard Vivers took part in the annual Itex Rotary charity walk in June, completing the 48.1 mile (77.41km) route in his target time of 13.5 hours. More than 1100 people took part in the event, which follows the coastline of Jersey on a complete circuit of the... more
Wood-Mizer presents its unique technology to support Bhutan's developing sawmill industry Government Ministers and wood industry executives were welcome guests at Open Days organised by Wood-Mizer's recently appointed agent in Bhutan, Alpine Builders Pvt Ltd. The event included demonstrations of the LT40 and LT70 sawmills, and provided an opportunity for Wood-Mizer to explain the... more
Ukraine's former president drops in on Wood-Mizer demonstrations A demonstration of Wood-Mizer sawmills in the small Ukrainian village of Vorohta at the foot of the country's highest mountain, Mt.Goverla was suddenly enlivened by the appearance of ex-president Viktor Yushchenko. Apparently, Mr Yushchenko has a house nearby and is evidently interested in wooden... more
Wood-Mizer owners' golf tournament in Latvia For the fourth time Wood-Mizer owners visited Riga to play golf. This Wood-Mizer golf tournament is the brainchild of Vilmars Jansons, Wood-Mizer's Latvian representative. "The first tournament was in 2006. Many guests held a golf club for the first time but a year later many have become... more
29 years on, Wood-Mizer's environmentalist claims ring true Wood-Mizer's thin kerf technology continues to stand amongst genuine, environmentally friendly concepts in today's temple of 'green' credentials. Wood-Mizer's claim to membership of this 'environmentally friendly' group stems from actions taken 29 years ago when Dan Tekulve and Don Laskowski... more
Goodyear belts enhance Wood-Mizer band saw performance For most people when they think of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, tires come to mind as does their highly recognizable blimp. When it comes to Goodyear and Wood-Mizer, however, the talk is all about belts.While several parts on Wood-Mizer sawmills are common items that can be purchased at your... more
Serbian Wood-Mizer band saw demonstrations pay off A 1200 Km promotional tour throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina has borne fruit for Wood-Mizer Balkans. Their three-vehicle caravan carted band sawmills around the Balkans, demonstrating the thin kerf technology and the income potential from timber processing with narrow band... more
Wood-Mizer continues amongst the winners of Polish Fair Play awards Increasingly, in recent years, companies appreciate the importance of ‘fair play’, honourable treatment of commercial partners and employees as well attention to tax obligations. This has further evolved into an ethos of social responsibility – support of charities, foundations, public utility... more
Wood-Mizer a winner of 2007 Polish Investor in Human Capital award The country’s Management Institute organized the certification programme, which also enjoys the patronage of Prof. Danuta Hubner, EU Commissioner for Regional Development. Polish Minister of Labour & Social Affairs, Jolanta Fedak, and President of the Capital City of Warszawa, Ms Hanna... more
Wood-Mizer joins Vehicles of Time achievers’ list On 16th OctoberWood-Mizer received an award for reaching No 292 in the Vehicles of Time* ranking of over 3,000 companies in Poland, at the Dzialynskis’ Palace, in Poznan. The ranking is adjudged jointly by the Polish newspaper GAZETA PRAWNA and international credit ratings group, Dun & Bradstreet,... more
Latvian Wood-Mizer Club draws more would-be golfers At their second annual golf tournament Latvian Wood-Mizer Club members gathered recently to repeat the event initiated by Vilmars Jansons, Latvian representative and self confessed golf addict. "He got the entire family playing golf", reports his wife Santra, "and rather well too! "As a result our... more
Wood-Mizer demonstrates band saws with Siberian road shows A successful nine-days, 2 500 Km demonstration tour of far-eastern Russia has just been completed by Wood-Mizer representative, Vladimir Glazatchev. Enduring the atrocious roads and the permafrost almost merit an award. However, the rigours of the long journey towing an LT20 band sawmill from... more
Wood-Mizer wins Polish prize for Health & Safety, Working Environment Wood-Mizer came first in Health & Safety at Work and also Work Environment awards in Poland’s Wielkapolska region and third in all-Poland awards for companies with up to 250 employees. Richard Vivers, who heads Wood-Mizer’s all-Europe activities received the Wielkapolska awards at Volkswagen’s... more
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