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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Industrial sawmills

To enter the sphere of industrial scale wood processing Wood-Mizer industrial level band sawmills are at your disposal.
However, for small, medium and semi-industrial sawmills, have a look at ORANGE SAWMILLS.

New wide band sawmill offers six tonne log capacity and massive 900mm throat opening. The WB2000 sawmill is the first in a new wide band series of that will be offered by Wood-Mizer to meet the needs of industrial timber producers around the world. Running a 90mm wide band blade, offering maximum...
A sawmill’s profitability is ensured by technology that drives production costs down and quality and output up. Wood-Mizer's HR1000 Merry-Go-Round (MGR) multihead resaw system represents an important advance in resaw technology that allows sawmillers to reduce costs and increase performance. The...
Wood-Mizer has announced the release of their new WM4000 thin-kerf industrial sawmill, which they are calling the ‘next generation’ in sawmills. The WM4000 combines the profitability enhancements of thin-kerf blades with productivity advances in automated sawing technology to create an ideal...
Although Wood-Mizer is probably best known for its ‘Orange’ range of LT mobile and stationary sawmills, the company also manufactures an Industrial range for customers with larger volume and higher productivity requirements. One of the most recent additions to the Industrial range is the WM3500, an...
A new sawmill designed for cutting heavy logs up to 1.7m in diameter has been introduced by Wood-Mizer. The WM1000 is the largest Wood-Mizer sawmill to date and takes the company into the 'wide band' market for the first time. Developed especially to provide Asian and African markets with an...
Based on the highly successful WM3000 (originally the LT300 ) , the new WM3500 sawmill from Wood-Mizer is a significant development that offers higher productivity and fast payback, together with the environmental benefits of the company's thin-kerf sawblades in reducing the amount of waste from...
The success of worldwide thin kerf sawmills maker Wood-Mizer with its industrial scale mill has been phenomenal.The WM3000 has revolutionised wood processing throughout the continent.One explanation lies in the fact that it offers a 'mini-plant' rather than a mere sawmill. Wood-Mizer's reputation...
Wood-Mizer's WM3000 material handling system is built to maximize the productivity of the WM3000 industrial sawmill. The system contains a log deck, inclined conveyor, and transfer table. Though the system was designed specifically for the WM3000 (former LT300 sawmill), each component can be used...
Wood-Mizer has renamed its widely used LT300 industrial scale sawmill to the WM3000. This mill has met widespread enthusiasm since its 2003 debut and more than two hundred of them operate in Europe. Apart from the mills' operating efficiencies, environmental plus significant economical benefits...
Flexibility incorporated in new Edger design can improve response to changing timber market demands and speed productivity. The company's reputation for its technical solutions to producing un-edged, saleable lumber has long been enhanced by secondary kit like its Edger. The ability to turn out...
Latvian woodworkers seem notably receptive to innovations in wood cutting technologies. Indeed, the first industrial LT300 sawmill set-up was in Latvia and in the five years since it has become the country with the greatest number of such mills per capita of population. Latvians seem to have a...
Once you cut wood on your Wood-Mizer sawmill, the natural next step is to put those freshly-cut boards into an edger. Edging increases the value of your wood, and leaves your mill free to continue cutting. The addition of an edger can increase your mill's productivity by 30 percent! Most...
From Latvia, over the Atlantic to British Columbia and south across the Pacific to New Zealand, timber processors have been contributing to the success of the LT300 industrial band sawmill launched by Wood-Mizer at the 2003 Ligna woodworking show in Germany. During the following year, reports its...
At the beginning of this year Wood-Mizer launched their new LT300 sawmill, which was announced as the most powerful and productive Wood-Mizer ever. The first LT300 installed in Europe was to a Latvian customer and during the recent woodworking machinery show in Riga further LT300 sales have been...
The MultiHead has very high productivity in smaller elements such as flooring, pallet wood and fencing materials. The American division of the Wood-Mizer company has renewed manufacture of the MultiHead which stopped in 1995. During the Ligna exhibition, we put some questions Mr. Richard Vivers,...
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