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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry


Over the course of two weeks in May and June, Wood-Mizer hosted their international distributors at their European headquarters in Kolo, Poland. Forty-one countries were represented from across Europe, Africa and Asia. An international distributor meeting is held every two years to demonstrate the...
When American businessmen Dan Tekulve and Don Laskowski originally founded Wood-Mizer in Indianapolis, Indiana, they never imagined the level of growth that the company would experience, not only in North America but also in Don’s ancestral home in Europe. Today, Wood-Mizer’s European headquarters...
In January, 2014, Wood-Mizer Industries, the world’s leading thin-kerf sawmill manufacturer, celebrated the opening ceremonies of their newly completed 4,250 square metre production hall at their European headquarters, which almost doubles the company’s sawmill production area. Richard Vivers,...
Wood-Mizer, the global leader in narrow band sawmill technology since 1982, has announced the formation of an African Operations division that will coordinate future sales and service efforts on the continent as a part of its ongoing strategic efforts to meet global demand. Wood-Mizer’s portable...
Speaking in his new role as chief operating officer for Wood-Mizer’s worldwide business, Richard Vivers reports that 2010 turned out surprisingly well. True, some areas are struggling but he sees progress in them and in any case the overall picture is good. This reflects the world economy. Global...
Wood-Mizer has doubled the warranty on its ‘orange’ band sawmills in a strong demonstration of its confidence in their quality and reliability. From 1 st January 2011 the limited warranty period will extend from twelve to 24 months. The warranty period will be counted from the date of Wood-Mizer...
Wood-Mizer Industries is a strong and financially stable company that is committed to developing sawmill technology and working in partnership with customers to help them develop their businesses. This was a key message from CEO Richard Vivers at an event held in June to celebrate the company's 20...
Wood-Mizer's European headquarters and its band sawmill and wood processing kit manufacturing facility celebrates twenty years in 2010. The Polish based operation serves Europe, Africa, India and Asia, including the Far East, and its director Richard Vivers anticipates a fair wind this year. He...
1978 – Two American engineers, Donald Laskowski and Daniel Tekulve begin work on an innovative mobile sawmill design which will saw boards deep in the forest. First prototypes are made in a garage near Laskowski’s Indianapolis home. 1982 – First Wood-Mizer sawmill is shown to the public near New...
Interview with Roman Frontczak, director of research and development at Wood-Mizer Industries in Kolo. 'On 29th December 2009 the new Machinery Directive 2006/46/EC came into force, replacing Directive 98/37/EC. The new Directive imposes additional obligations on manufacturers in terms of safety...
At the time of going to press many stock exchanges in Europe are showing an American led recovery. The general – albeit cautious – view is that the dramatic decline in worldwide trade has probably stopped and commerce has begun trickling along the bottom. This is by no means certain but it does...
Optimised process flows in the manufacture of band sawmills and ancillary wood processing equipment, new equipment and customer service improvements have been the fruits of dramatic demand enjoyed by Wood-Mizer in Europe recently. As a result the company expanded its European manufacturing...
Following increases in demand for its sawmills (up 35%) and even more for its blades (50% more) in 2006, Wood-Mizer is expanding production of both, as well as extending its geographical coverage in its American parent's 25th anniversary year. In Europe alone production of its band sawmills and...
At the beginning of 2005, with over 130 LT300 sawmills operating successfully throughout the world customers began asking for more and more complete sawmilling solutions to include handling equipment, resaws and edgers. Wood-Mizer soon realized that there is a need to create a new division that...
A revolution in the sawmilling industry was achieved a quarter of a century ago by Donald Laskowski and Daniel Tekulve when they invented the Wood-Mizer band sawmill. Recently Wood-Mizer formed a division to concentrate on its new industrial band sawmills reflecting its progress since its 1982...
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