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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Furniture makers

Estonia’s largest pine garden furniture company produces from log to finished product with the addition of a new Wood-Mizer WM3000 industrial thin-kerf sawmill. In 20 years, Sverix has grown into Estonia’s largest company producing outdoor pine furniture. Located in Ruusa, the company produces a...
Using a Wood-Mizer LT15 to produce a symbol of Turkish hospitality. "In Turkey, our guests often stay over for the night, and it is customary for the sofa to be converted into their bed. It’s a great solution!" Thus Erol Kanat, Wood-Mizer’s representative in Turkey, explains the popularity of the...
Under the skilled hands of this master artisan from Croatia, the beauty of ancient Slavonian oak salvaged from deteriorating barns and homes is preserved for future generations. Petar Kutlic’s passion for woodworking started simply as a hobby. Having learned from his father some of the finer...
An Austrian master joiner has defied commercial economics simply by converting a small quantity of timber into finely carved products. Fulfillment and financial stability are his rewards. Behind this is the identification of a niche market which stems from his independence from outside suppliers,...
A Belarussian oak and alder furniture manufacturer has increased production, reduced wood waste, maintained component quality and slashed delivery times by basing its operation on professional bandsaws using narrow blade technology. One of the keys to the improvements has been bringing the primary...
Latvian businessman Mr Vasily Grigoriev is an inventor – that’s a fact. He has developed a new method of joining furniture elements. Using his Wood-Mizer sawmills he saws black alder into material for novel interior elements. This extraordinary alder flower pot holder was presented to Oberts, the...
Mr. Pyka started his business during the communist power. - On the one hand it was good for me. Because at that time it was very difficult to purchase good furniture. And customers sometimes paid money in advance and waited for a year or even more. But on the other hand the private company during...
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