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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Farmers and mobile sawmills

How Pavel Kadlec became involved in his local timber industry as a mobile sawyer. Once a bus driver from the Czech village of Dacice, Pavel Kadlec remembers how he once overheard a colleague mention that she needed to return home because a sawmill
A sawmill may not be the first thing you expect to see on a beef cattle and sheep farm, especially when the mill, sited next to the farmhouse, houses the largest Wood-Mizer horizontal bandsaw in Europe. The WM1000, which can cut logs up to 1.7m
Oskars Kejss from the Latvian village of Kubuli is a young forestry engineer by profession. He graduated from the Faculty of Forestry of the Academy of Agriculture in Jelgava and began working as a forester, working with forest inventory and market
Most farms have woodlots that have been planted or are feral or have resulted from subdivisions or have sprung up over obstacles that prevent the farmer from using the land. Wetlands or riparian zonesmight also have primed their growth andso too
For five generations, this family has been working in forestry ever since Jurica’s great grandfather bought his first forest tract from the local aristocrat in the 19th century. Today, the Spoljar family owns forests on 3 ha and when Jurica was 25
A former RAF engineer is expanding his one-man mobile sawing operation in the West of England with a narrow band sawmill. He cites the mill's accuracy, easy handling, sustainability, mobility and quick set-up as important factors in the operation's
More than twelve years ago, Frank Nied, a customer of Wood-Mizer Germany discovered a passion for timber. Initially he had worked as a toolmaker, becoming a master in his profession but eventually, he embarked on a career as a contract sawyer with a
A 29-years-old farmer’s son from the Pas de Calais with a new contract sawing service seems to be riding the downturn in timber processing. Although the amount of timber Baptiste Jansens is processing in his first year is not high, his business is
A new timber processing and tailored products operation near Oxford, in England has taken a leap forward soon after start-up by kiln drying its own timber. The move will slash the felling-to-final-form time and further speed the commercial
A small sawmill in the Therache region of Northern France has bucked the French trend to municipal sawmill closure over the past quarter of a century by manufacturing components for clients to assemble their own pallets. 4,300 small, local sawmills
Despite a marked change in band sawmill use in France, with the European trend to a static role in semi-industrial timber processing set-ups, there is still a resolute band of travelling contract sawyers achieving handsome incomes with them. Take
An Essex pig farmer who almost went of business has replaced his loss-making herd with a profitable small scale timber processing operation, whose hub is an electrically-powered band saw operated as stationary equipment and supported by a multi-rip,
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