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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry


Building with materials that have a history HBM-Woods from the Czech Republic describes how their company is profiting from reclaiming old beams into high quality lumber for furniture and interiors. ‘Historic Building Materials’ is what HBM-Wood specialises in. Over 15 years ago, the company founder, Radek Sindelar, began selling antique... more
Wood wizards from Estonia
Two brothers restore buildings of a 19th century
Sometimes the events, peoples, and places from ancient times can be resurrected from the past. In the Estonian village of Alatskivi, old buildings from the estate of 19th century Baron Arvid von Nolcken are rising again due to the entrepreneurship of local residents. Origins of Baron von Nolcken... more
After disaster
Small-scale sawmilling creates opportunities from fallen trees
Late 2013 brought some severe weather through Europe, resulting in large numbers of fallen timber. According to the UK Forestry Commision, 10 million trees were estimated to have fallen in the strong winds in late October. According to a press release from the Dansk Forestry Association... more
The beginning of the end for illegal logging How the new European Union Timber Regulation will affect everyone involved in the supply chain of exporting & importing timber to the EU, and how it is dealing a serious blow to illegal logging. Illegal logging has a devastating effect on local communities and the hope of sustainable profits from... more
Creating opportunity – What do you do with windfall trees? Faced with a large quantity of timber felled in a storm, and nowhere to take them, this driving instructor takes up sawmilling with a small Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill. Rolandos Piatrusis, a 32 year old Lithuanian driving instructor, never dreamed of becoming involved in wood production. However, two... more
A day in the life of a bush sawmill It’s around 6 am and the bug’s chirping and the bat wing flapping give way to the singing of birds in the dense foliage above us. When an adult-sized bat flaps its 4-6’ wingspan in the middle of the night, you hear it. Trust me on that! Yesterday had been a long day for the six members of the... more
Ethiopia – An unlikely timber destination Despite its 4000-year old history, famine and drought have clouded opinion on Ethiopia, its timber processing heritage another obscure fact. Wood-Mizer Africa’s Robert Moxham uncovers a bustling Ethiopia where timber is a key trading commodity. Ulrich Pasch’s import export agency – IPC Ethiopia, is... more
Pharmacist's portable band sawmill deep in the forest yields 4m3 of lumber daily A private mountain-top sylvicultural, forestry and timber processing operation in the south of France has overcome drought, hurricanes and the potential stalling of log conversion by planned planting and harvesting, as well as 'in-house' sawing. The owner, Pierre Bremond, runs his diverse... more
"Wood deserves esteem" says ecologically driven German sawyer and carpenter "We're a classic family affair", Matthias Berthold proudly says about his carpentry and stair-building business in Friedrichsdorf, Germany. Fifteen years ago he and his brother built two timber cottages on a 20,000m² former factory site at Friedrichsdorf near Bad Homburg, where the families live... more
Small sawmill at aristocratic estate in Saxony will fulfill family dreams A switch from bought-in timbers to in-house sawmilling has allowed a family restoring an ancient German estate to broaden its horizons. The switch to sawing timber themselves also gives the owners more flexibility, improved quality of timbers and a valuable opportunity to branch out into retail... more
Charitable and sustainable sawmilling The ‘Scottish Wood’ sawmill at Oakley in Fife, Scotland is a woodyard that operates differently to many. Its main aims involve the sourcing of timber from environmentally sustainable Scottish sources and converting it to quality products at a profit. This profit is then covenanted back to its... more
One year on, a French contract sawyer notes trend to local wood and sustainable forestry Baptiste Janssens who started a travelling, contract sawing operation in the Pas-de-Calais eighteen months ago has noted some subtle changes in timber processing in France and southern Belgium. "There is an increasing demand for the exploitation of local wood which people have on the place or which... more
Thin kerf sawmilling to help revive Ghana's timber processing A technique of harvesting and processing Ghana's teak and other valuable hardwoods economically and with less affect on her forests is expected to enjoy a revival in the country. Relatively small band sawmills which incorporate a thin kerf technology, which gets more wood and less sawdust from logs... more
British boat building college saws its timbers with Wood-Mizer band saw An unrelated switch from bought-in timbers to in-house sawmilling has allowed Britain's leading boat building college to extend its curriculum. Students now follow the arrival of logs of selected species through to launching the vessels. The switch to in-house sawing also gives the college more... more
Wood-Mizer band saw eliminates German theatre scenery building problems A German theatrical group has resolved some tricky logistical problems involved in scenery construction by opting to saw its own local wood. The key is an easy-to-learn, narrow blade sawing system that provides markedly good quality boards and props. The process is more flexible, less costly and... more
Austrian band saw operation turns reclaiming timbers into thriving business
Renaissance for antique timbers
The Ramerstorfer timber reclamation and restoration company is on the outskirts of Altenberg, 15Km north of Linz, principal city of Upper Austria and 2009 European Capital of Culture. Large, orderly reclaimed timber stacks dominate the village outskirts and the drive to the Ramerstorfers' private... more
Houses and fittings from pines killed by beetles At 8 000 feet above sea level, in Colorado, Keeper Enterprises demonstrates a forest products firm doesn’t have to be a giant to set innovation and environmental standards.It makes log cabins and indoor/outdoor fittings from pines which pine beetles have either killed or which are dying. Keeper... more
English estate saves western red cedar with Wood-Mizer bandsaw and uses waste for heating The Ragley Estate, deep in Shakespeare country in Warwickshire, England has converted 1,500 tonnes of normally wasted western red cedar into wooden products sold to builders and the general public.Such work is difficult for the main softwood sawmills which have tight diameter and taper... more
Wood-Mizer band sawmill fulfils mountain winter hotel project in Slovakia Juro Mochilan, a forest warden, was persuaded by his wife to buy his Wood-Mizer.They live in the village of Liptovske Revuce in the beautiful Upper Fatras region. Here there is excellent winter hunting, hot springs and the downhill ski slopes are quite close. All of this galvanized them into... more
English arboriculturalist brings band sawmill to reclaim beech at Wildflower Centre 9th December 2004 – In Great Britain a local council and a forest authority are funding the sawing and finishing of a huge, fallen beech limb at the National Wildflower Centre and its subsequent manufacture and sculpture.This reclamation was made possible by use of a band sawmill, regarded as the... more
Wood science lecturer finds second career through band sawmill A Danish university lecturer who felt threatened by job cuts in 2000 bought a band sawmill and set up a timber processing operation as a safety bet. Three years later, still lecturing on forestry and woodworking, his timber firm has gone from strength to strength, he is holding down both jobs,... more
How the problem of urban woods can benefit your bottom line About once a week I get the call. A variation of the calls follows this pattern: "I have a/several very large walnut/cherry tree(s) in my front/back yard that need(s) to come down. I’m sure there is a lot of veneer lumber in this tree. Who can I tell that would be interested in buying the... more
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