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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Band blades

Wood-Mizer thin-kerf narrow bandsaw blades, made in Europe and America, are used by 50,000 Wood-Mizer mill operators worldwide as well as by owners of many other makes of bandsaw. They are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure longevity, accuracy and high quality sawing.

    Why Wood-Mizer Blades? Bandsaw sawmill users in more than 100 countries rely successfully on Wood-Mizer’s dependable and wide range of blades. What makes them special? Wood-Mizer has been producing blades specifically for sawmill applications since ...
      Sawmillers looking for professional blades with more flex life and faster cutting capabilities will be pleased to know that Wood-Mizer has released a superior new blade. "The new MaxFlex blade lasted significantly longer than our other blades during ...
        Wood-Mizer produces three types of blades: DoubleHard, SilverTip and the stellite-tipped RazorTip. The main difference between DoubleHard and SilverTip is the type of steel used. For DoubleHard, Wood-Mizer uses a unique, high quality steel, while ...
          This new material is designed to be a blade that delivers high performance for production wood cutting. Longer sawing life is possible due to the Rc hardness of 67 on the tooth edge, especially while cutting abrasive and exotic wood species. The ...
            RazorTip is a Stellite-tipped blade designed for cutting hard and difficult timber, and is the most recent addition to the range of narrow bandsaw blades manufactured by Wood-Mizer. In developing the blade, Wood-Mizer wanted to ensure that it was as ...
              Worldwide, Wood-Mizer is foremost among band sawmill producers as the only one which makes its own band blades. Furthermore, extended European blade lines, the addition of the punching function and launch of an additional blade enhance this ...
                Wood-Mizer's new RazorTip sawblade combines the proven performance of the company's narrow bandsaw steel with the wear-resistant properties of Stellite. In developing RazorTip, Wood-Mizer set itself the goal of making Stellite-tipped blades ...
                  The new RazorTip blade is the latest result of continuing research and development by Wood-Mizer - the leading manufacturer of narrow band sawmills and the only sawmill manufacturer that also makes its own blades. " RazorTip is an advanced blade ...
                    Further increases in demand for Wood-Mizer’s band blades – three million metres (up 50%) were produced in 2007 and a further 50% is on the cards this year – have justified the company laying down extra blade production lines. It also reveals the ...
                      Wood-Mizer has transferred the key process of induction hardening its band blades destined for Europe to the European manufacturing facility in Poland. Blades for the Americas are still hardened in Indianapolis at the parent headquarters.This ...
                        12th July 2007 – Wood-Mizer opened a major factory extension at its European headquarters in Poland before employees, local government officials and its head of European operations plus the American-based chief of its worldwide operations. In effect ...
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