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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Business ideas

A collection of stories about smaller businesses finding interesting and unusual ways to earn profits with their Wood-Mizer sawmills.

Farmers and mobile sawmills

  • Czech
How Pavel Kadlec became involved in his local timber industry as a mobile sawyer. Once a bus driver from the Czech village of Dacice, Pavel Kadlec remembers how he once overheard a colleague mention that she needed to return home because a sawmill ...
  • United Kingdom, England
A sawmill may not be the first thing you expect to see on a beef cattle and sheep farm, especially when the mill, sited next to the farmhouse, houses the largest Wood-Mizer horizontal bandsaw in Europe. The WM1000, which can cut logs up to 1.7m ...

New market niches

  • Czech
For Hanis Log Homes in the Czech Republic, log home construction is a big business. Employing more than 50 craftsmen and producing more log homes each year, the company specialises in custom home designs that truly showcase the natural beauty of ...
  • USA
In 2003, David and Teresa Weyler invested in a large country farm in the hills of Bedford, Kentucky in the United States. Happy with their purchase, in 2005 the Weylers acquired more land along the Little Kentucky River, which included an old, ...


  • Czech
HBM-Woods from the Czech Republic describes how their company is profiting from reclaiming old beams into high quality lumber for furniture and interiors. ‘Historic Building Materials’ is what HBM-Wood specialises in. Over 15 years ago, the company ...
  • Estonia
Sometimes the events, peoples, and places from ancient times can be resurrected from the past. In the Estonian village of Alatskivi, old buildings from the estate of 19th century Baron Arvid von Nolcken are rising again due to the entrepreneurship ...

Parquet and flooring

  • United Kingdom
Silvan Floors, formerly only a UK specialist flooring installer, increased profitability and have grown by establishing a self-contained flooring production in their hometown. They report on the process of financing and setting up a full production ...
  • Ireland
Ireland’s only fine wood flooring producer who saws his own timber reports cut costs, improved income and more flexibility in sawn boards since installing a small narrow blade sawmill. Sean Tiernan of Woodhill Timber Flooring, Dromore West, county ...

Furniture makers

  • Estonia
Estonia’s largest pine garden furniture company produces from log to finished product with the addition of a new Wood-Mizer WM3000 industrial thin-kerf sawmill. In 20 years, Sverix has grown into Estonia’s largest company producing outdoor pine ...
  • Turkey
Using a Wood-Mizer LT15 to produce a symbol of Turkish hospitality. "In Turkey, our guests often stay over for the night, and it is customary for the sofa to be converted into their bed. It’s a great solution!" Thus Erol Kanat, Wood-Mizer’s ...
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