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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

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Here is a selection of stories about the experiences of entrepreneurs converting their ideas and ambitions into reality using Wood-Mizer sawmills.

Timber production

  • Czech
Throughout the crisis, this Czech company describes how they actually expanded into new EU markets while relying on four LT40s cutting for two shifts per day. Pila Zachotin is owned and operated by Miroslaw Cekal in Pelhrimov, Czech Republic. In ...
  • USA
U.S. sawmill business installs line of Wood-Mizer industrial equipment to increase efficiency, yield and profits. In less than three months after taking ownership of the family sawmill business, 3rd generation owner Mike Junk and brother-in-law ...

Pallet wood production

  • South Africa, AFRICA
CRS Timber Products gain extra traction with a series of mill upgrades to boost efficiency and drive product diversification. CRS Timber Products’ Brondal-based mill lies tucked-up in one of the many valleys that crisscross the area northwest ...
  • Serbia
Mr. Vukasin Marcetic started his own sawmill company, Balat Promet, in the Serbian village of Radicevic in 1989. "At that time," shares Mr. Marcetic, "there was a huge demand for construction timber. The nearest sawmill was 50 km away from our ...

Roofing and timber frame constructions

  • Czech
For the Silbernagl family of the Czech Republic, woodworking is their passion. In the Czech village of Davle Sloup we meet a family who is passionate about their chosen profession. Alice and Vaclav Silbernagl are enthusiastic woodworkers whose ...
  • Romania
With the help of a Wood-Mizer sawmill, this Romanian family built a new home and is developing a growing woodworking business. Eduard Ichim, an experienced carpenter, and his wife Monica, a talented wood carver, established their family business in ...
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