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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

TVS - Twin Vertical Saw

TVS - Twin Vertical Saw A wood cutting machine, launched this year, offers a new, progressive idea incomparable in Europe and crucial for wood processors

More than 150 small log processing (SLP) set-ups have been installed across Europe and successfully exploited since their launch this year by leading narrow band sawmill manufacturer, Wood-Mizer.

SLP includes four sawmills which are combined by conveyors into a line. Constituents are a twin vertical saw (TVS), a single vertical saw (SVS), and horizontal saw (HR) which has two-to-six cutting heads plus an edger.

Most of the mills embody recognized wood cutting concepts –– except the TVS. This permits production of two-sided beams from small (10-40cm diameter, 1-3,6m length) logs. A couple of conveyors –– in-feed and out-feed –– transport the beams quickly and singly at a rate of 25 metres per minute. Consequently, one TVS efficiently feeds beams to the four-head multi-head which follows.

The TVS tilted heads' novel design uses gravity to send slabs eventually to an edger via a lower cross transfer deck.

Two cutting heads with 11kW electric motors facilitate the famous narrow band blade technology. Result: the TVS can use longer blades which obviously last longer. Sawing accuracy and time between sharpenings increase too.

Distance between heads (i.e. the width of two side beams) is set automatically. Heads sit on rails and calibration is computerized. Impending cuts are deliniated by laser.

The installation of TVS takes about two hours. Setting up the TVS on a flat floor is ideal but special footings are required.

Safety is an attribute. The operator is situated far behind blades and safety switches abound. Minimal labour (one man for the in-feed conveyor) is another attraction. Furthermore, the TVS can be fed by log ramp which is comfortable for the worker loading logs into the in-feed conveyor.

Wood-Mizer tested the TVS in a SLP line for one hundred hours at Polish wood processing plants. Results show that the TVS provides a valuable addition to any cutting facility, especially pallet manufacturing plants. The novel design, speed, accuracy and reasonably cost make the machine an attractive option for woodworkers wishing to increase competitiveness in the increasingly difficult market.

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