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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer band saw operation galvanises export of Latvian sawn timber for saunas

Wood-Mizer band saw operation galvanises export of Latvian sawn timber for saunas Near Madona (a city in Latvia) there are many Wood-Mizer saw-mills. Their main advantage is to cut high quality knot-free timber The company ''Meneslicis'', for instance, concentrates on producing boards from Aspen and Black Alder for saunas.

Everyone who enjoys saunas also knows that it is important that the timber should be knot-free and also splinter free!! In addition the timber must be dried and planed all round. Most of the product is exported to Sweden, Spain and other European countries. 2000m3 of logs are cut annually on Wood-Mizer mills with a sawn output of about 1500m3. Mr. Ansis Varsberg, the Director of ''Meneslicis'', states that thanks to the Wood-Mizer mills and good organization the benefits to his customers are simple – ''Good Quality products at a Good Price''. Experience has shown that the unique features of the Wood-Mizer mill allow every last quality board to be recovered from the log efficiently.

Every Wood-Mizer sawmill in ''Meneslicis'' has its own history.

''The LT25 is already a veteran with 8 years of use, - recalls Vilmar Jansons, President of ''Oberts'' the Distributor for Latvia. – One day the co-owner of ''Meneslicis'' Vilnis Sa’ulitis came into our office and said that he needed a good band sawmill". Initially he was not taken too seriously - everybody needs a good sawmill – but we realized that he was serious and had a good plan and so we were able to arrange a good leasing plan.

However they needed a very long bed, which was not produced by Wood-Mizer at that time and so they managed to make one themselves.

The company had a lot of work and the loan on the mill was paid off in one year.

''For the whole first year we worked hard in the forest cutting logs and packaging the boards on site – avoiding log transportation expenses. Then we placed the sawmill under cover and started to work 20 hours per day, the weather was not a hindrance anymore. By the way, that sawmill is still cutting logs today. We exchanged the Gas engine for an electric one and so the sawmill is used as a stationary mill now'', - said Vilnis Sa’ulitis.

Every Wood-Mizer model has its specific advantages. The LT25 is best used for cutting logs of small diameter of, for example, Black Alder; whereas, equipped with a hydraulic system the LT40HD is perfect for cutting large diameter three meter long Oak logs. The LT40HD was bought when our production requirements had increased, especially for large Oak.

''I remember, we installed the Wood-Mizer LT40HD and it inspired us – after just a couple of adjustments the sawmill worked well, and it didn’t break blades (as the locally made mills do). We tried other blades but the original Wood-Mizer blades are the best. The mill alignment must be checked occasionally but otherwise it is trouble-free,'' – Vilnis says, and adds: ''We preferred Wood-Mizer sawmills not because of a whim, but because they allow us to consider each separate log individually and to saw it the most economical way''.

For the last four years the enterprise has only been cutting hardwoods. They recently purchased their third sawmill, another LT40HD. The ''Meneslicis'' enterprise is expanding. It cuts, dries, moulds, glues and produces lumber that is perfect both in price and quality. For this purpose the Wood-Mizer sawmills work very effectively.

Phone: +371 4852044;

"Saulaines", Madonas raj., Sarka?u pag.,

Reprinted with the permission of ''Lietaskoks'', July 2002 Riga, Latvia

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