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Latvian Wood-Mizer Club draws more would-be golfers

Latvian Wood-Mizer Club draws more would-be golfers At their second annual golf tournament Latvian Wood-Mizer Club members gathered recently to repeat the event initiated by Vilmars Jansons, Latvian representative and self confessed golf addict.

"He got the entire family playing golf", reports his wife Santra, "and rather well too! "As a result our daughter Laura became Latvian champion amongst girls of her age group and now she is studying at an American university, where she still plays."

When Laura went up to college Vilmars found himself looking for new golf partners. His brainchild of getting Wood-Mizer owners to the golf course came to him in one ‘blessed day’.

This year the meeting attracted twice last year’s players – about 50 customers from 30 companies – and many began training at home in the hope of winning the first prize – an LT15 sawmill.

To commence, players divided into four teams, each headed by a professional and then played a ‘best ball’ game.

Then all participants attempted a ‘hole-in-one’ shot. As was the case last year, nobody got the ball into the hole and won the LT15, although the three closest to the hole were awarded cash prizes.

To general amusement Robert Baginski who heads Wood-Mizer sales in Europe got a diploma for being the ‘most lucky guy’ in the match. His shot sent the ball far wide of its destination until it hit a tree and bounced on to the green. The assembled pros’ sagely pronounced it a shot in a million!

Bearing in mind last year’s excellent European sales figures, it was widely agreed that it is not inappropriate to have such a man running the sales department.

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