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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Accuset II zooms in to pre-set sawing even better

Accuset II zooms in to pre-set sawing even better Accuset II, latest version of the system that electronically pre-sets a cutting head at the right position for the next cut, rolled off the production lines earlier this year. Pre-programming board thicknesses is simpler, in consequence.The new version, standard on all LT70 series band sawmills, is tougher and more accurate — and consequently it improves performance. Specifically…
  1. ‘Pattern’ is modified and can be viewed on the Wood-Mizer website.
  2. Diagnostics are easier, quicker.
  3. ‘Bump Up’ has been dropped.
  4. The device’s new panel has ‘secure digital’ (SD) memory, so it can be programmed with an SD card.
  5. Adjusting screen contrast is easier.
Furthermore, the assembly kit includes an Accuset II panel, a panel cover, wiring and engine control kit. The sensors are the same as the efficient ones on the earlier version.

Accuset II is available as an add-on for LT40 DC sawmills produced before 30 April 2007 and can be ordered as an option on the new LT40 DC.

Generally, Accuset has significantly increased the operational flexibility provided by Simple- and PLC-Setworks on Wood-Mizer sawmills for several years. Now it is evolving.

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