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Blade Sharpening
Quick Guide

Blade Sharpening
Check that the grinding wheel profile matches the blade profile.

Insert the blade into the sharpener (photo 1).

Make sure the blade pusher moves the blade into the proper position. The whole profile must be covered by the grinding wheel (photo 2).

IMPORTANT! Correct the blade pusher position if necessary (photo 6). Neglecting this step will result in destroying the grinding wheel (photo 3 and 4).

When the blade position is correct, check how much pressure the wheel exerts onto the blade when they are in contact. Try turning the grinding wheel with a finger. There should be only slight resistance (photo 5). If necessary, change the blade height (photo 7).

Start the motor and confirm that sparks are coming from the whole blade profile. If not, adjust the pusher position (photo 8).

Based on Wood-Mizer’s experience, during 1 cycle the layer of metal that is removed should not be thicker than 0.1 – 0.15 mm.

We recommend always to do minimum 2 sharpening cycles.

Dariusz Kujawa, technical director
Wood-Mizer Industries

Photo 1
Photo 2

Photo 3
Photo 4

Photo 5
Photo 6

Photo 7
Photo 8

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