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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer releases XC100 Crosscut saw
The new XC100 Crosscut is designed to fit easily into existing processing lines

Wood-Mizer releases XC100 Crosscut saw
The new Wood-Mizer XC100 is designed to be an economical and durable crosscut for small- to medium-sized timber processing companies. The XC100 cuts boards into standardised lengths.

Material capacity for the XC100 is 60mm high by 200mm wide. Cants up to 100 mm square can be cut by positioning the cant in the centre of the blade. A scale and two adjustable stops makes it easy to consistently produced required lengths from 60mm up to 1200mm long.

A foot pedal engages cutting, leaving the operator’s hands free for material handling. The blade is powered by a 4kW electric motor. Twin v-belts transfer power to the blade, and a special viewing port allows the operator to inspect the condition of the belts at any time.

A top clamp secures the board as the blade raises from underneath to make the cut. The clamp and blade movement is powered pneumatically. A viewing window in the hood makes it easy to safely observe cutting. A sawdust collection port in the hood allows connection to a dust collection system to remove sawdust.

The XC100 features a compact design, and both in-feed and out-feed roller tables collapse for easy transport. The XC100 is CE certified, and comes with many standard safety switches and features.

Board capacity is 60mm high by 200mm wide
The XC100 is CE certified and manufactured in Europe

For cutting, the board is clamped and the circular blade raises up
A viewing window allows the operator to visually inspect belt condition

A foot pedal engages cutting, keeping the operator at a safe distance from the cutting
A hood with a large viewport keeps the operator safe during cutting

Adjustable board stop
The blade raises when the foot pedal is activated

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