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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Sawmilling distributors from 41 countries experience Wood-Mizer’s latest innovations

Sawmilling distributors from 41 countries experience Wood-Mizer’s latest innovations
Over the course of two weeks in May and June, Wood-Mizer hosted their international distributors at their European headquarters in Kolo, Poland. Forty-one countries were represented from across Europe, Africa and Asia.

An international distributor meeting is held every two years to demonstrate the latest products nearing release, to further training, and to discuss plans for the future. The distributors represent a wide variety of markets, business models, and cultures which all add to enrich the meetings.

The 2014 Distributor meetings were unusual, as more new products and brands were introduced than ever before. Variations of Wood-Mizer’s well-known orange equipment line were demonstrated that feature various modifications for East European markets. New orange support equipment was debuted, including the new XC100 CrossCut saw.

An economically-priced Timbery sawmill made in the United States will be available on the European market this fall

Timbery, a new brand of wood processing equipment was demonstrated that distributors from Western Europe were very excited about. An economically-priced sawmill made in the United States will be available on the European market this fall, with other products planned in the future.

Wood-Mizer’s latest industrial sawmill, the WM4000 has already been very popular in the year it has been on the market. The WM4000 and its various features to boost productivity were demonstrated during the meetings, with special time allotted for training.

Although on the market for about a year now, many distributors had yet to see Wood-Mizer’s newest SLP2 (Smart Log Processing) line in action. The line converts logs up to 400mm in diameter into finished boards with as few as three operators. Benefits of the line are the low labour requirement, low power consumption, high material yield, and relative low cost of the line.

Wood-Mizer distributors touring the facility
The distributors were also treated to gets hands-on with Wood-Mizer’s new wideband industrial sawmill – the WB2000. Running a 90mm wide band blade, offering maximum log capacity of up to six tonnes, and able to cut a 900mm log in half, the Wood-Mizer WB2000 advances Wood-Mizer’s industrial sawmilling range into new territory.The demonstration machine was quickly reserved the first day it was shown.

A new category of products was also unveiled under the name ‘Wood-Mizer Tools’. Circular blades for the wood industry will be supplied starting in 2014. Circular edger blades are already in stock, and many more blade types are being prepared – blades for frame saws, moulders, planers, and more.

Another new brand was introduced to the distributors – MetalMizer, for high quality metal cutting saws and blades. This new brand will allow Wood-Mizer’s distributors to diversify into their local metal cutting markets.

Although the days were busy with product demonstrations, presentations, and training courses, time was also allotted for leisure as well. Each evening, activities were planned, ranging from competitive kart racing to bowling. Wood-Mizer’s distributor meetings are always marked by good times and strengthening professional and personal ties, and these meetings were no different.
The SLP2 - Smart Log Processing line in action
The demonstration of the newest Wood-Mizer WM4000 sawmill

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