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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer facts & figures

Wood-Mizer facts & figures 1978 – Two American engineers, Donald Laskowski and Daniel Tekulve begin work on an innovative mobile sawmill design which will saw boards deep in the forest. First prototypes are made in a garage near Laskowski’s Indianapolis home.

1982 – First Wood-Mizer sawmill is shown to the public near New York. It is bought by Joe Bistrovich, first customer of the new Wood-Mizer company established in Indianapolis. The Wood-Mizer motto is From Forest to Final Form.

1987 –Wood-Mizer decides to produce its own band blades. It was apparent that the best alloy for blades is not the cheap one used by the most manufacturers but the high grade steel. The company develops the optimal tooth profile for wood cutting – 10/30 – which will become the standard in woodworking over the next few years.

1990 – The Wood-Mizer European factory is established in Kolo, Poland.

1995 – The first branch owned by the European facility opens in Germany.

1996 – The small LT15 Series of mills arrives – this sawmill will be the bestseller in Europe during the next decade.

2002 – Wood-Mizer celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Three Wood-Mizer facilities operate in the USA producing sawmills, narrow blades and articulating mowers. Wood-Mizer opens its museum in Indianapolis and buys back the first sawmill (still working) from Joe Bistrovish, supplying him a latest LT40 sawmill.

2003 – Jeffrey Laskowski, the son of the Wood-Mizer founder, becomes the president of Wood-Mizer Products. Richard Vivers begins to manage Marketing at the now expanding European facility in Poland. The LT300 Industrial mill is presented at Ligna for its European debut.

2004 – Branches in UK, Russia and Norway are established.

2006 – Richard Vivers becomes president of Wood-Mizer’s European, Asian and African operations.

2007 – A Small Log Processing system is unveiled at Ligna. The Wood-Mizer European production areas are doubled.

2008 – The best year in the history of Wood-Mizer in Europe: almost 2000 sawmills are produced and sold. Blade demand increases 150% over the previous five years, stimulating Wood-Mizer to install additional blade production lines up to fourteen. A branch in Romania is established. Operations in Africa and India are successfully started.

2009 – Large-scale modernisation of production in Poland is successfully completed. More new products are demonstrated at Ligna. More than 40.000 Wood-Mizer sawmills now operate in the world. Wood-Mizer has one of the best service networks with the representatives and customers in 220 countries.

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