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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer enters wide band market with WB2000 sawmill

Wood-Mizer enters wide band market with WB2000 sawmill
New wide band sawmill offers six tonne log capacity and massive 900mm throat opening.

The WB2000 sawmill is the first in a new wide band series of that will be offered by Wood-Mizer to meet the needs of industrial timber producers around the world. Running a 90mm wide band blade, offering maximum log capacity of up to six tonnes, and able to cut a 900mm log in half, the Wood-Mizer WB2000 advances Wood-Mizer’s industrial sawmilling range into new territory.

Designed as a high-production sawmill for the most demanding sawing conditions, Wood-Mizer’s new WB2000 features heavy-duty construction, low maintenance requirements, and efficient operation. The twin post sawmill head can cut a 900mm log in half, making it an attractive solution for managing medium to large logs. A 22kW electric motor is standard, and a 30kW motor is optional.

Computer setworks and a raised operator control station allow a single operator to manage all sawing and log handling functions while maintaining a clear view of his work. The WB2000 features a 19cm (17.5") HMI touch-screen which presents all important information to the sawyer. Board and cant sizes are displayed along with current head height, feed position, and blade power. One of the popular functions is the Auto-Cut feature, which remembers the location of the start and end of the log and prevents the sawhead from overshooting either end. As a result, the sawmill spends more time sawing.

The new deluxe joysticks provide the operator with precise control of all sawing and log handling functions, and feature proportional hydraulic speed control.

A touchscreen setworks computer includes Wood-Mizer's latest advancements in automation
Four cameras mounted on the sawhead stream live video back to the operator, giving him a clear view of hard to see areas

The bed is heavily constructed to handle logs up to six tonnes. The twin C-channel steel beams that make up the frame are massive – 400mm tall by 110mm wide. All hydraulic log handling functions - such as the log clamps, chain turners, and power rollers - are modular, and can be moved to different bunks as needed. Wood-Mizer also supplies a complete line of conveyors, tables, and material handling equipment to accompany the WB2000.

A single operator controls all sawmilling functions from a raised station with joystick controls and advanced computer setworks
The WB2000 features hydraulic log handling functions for clamping, turning, and offloading logs and cants

Wood-Mizer worked in cooperation with Zenz (ZenzLandtechnik GmbH), a highly respected German wide band sawmill manufacturer with an 150 year company history, in order to offer a product that will feature the best that modern sawing technology has to offer.

"Zenz is well regarded as a leader in wide band mill manufacturing," shares Robert Baginski, COO of Wood-Mizer Industries. "The combination of Zenz’s experience with wide band technology and Wood-Mizer’s knowledge of customer needs in international markets has delivered a sawmill that is the best that both narrow- and wide-band technologies have to offer."

Ryszard Weber, owner of a local timber processing company who tested Wood-Mizer’s first WB2000 prototype, decided to purchase the mill after a few months of testing.

The wide cutting throat allows the sawmill to cut 900mm diameter logs in half
The WB2000 is the first wideband sawmill of Wood-Mizer, furthering their already well known narrowband industrial line

"The WB2000 is affordable for small to large companies, and provides flexibility other machines cannot," shares Ryszard. "With this mill, I can cut anything – small logs, large logs, high quality logs, low quality logs. Adding the WB2000 to the business, I can now make profits from all my logs, instead of only logs that fit on my processing line. It is perfect for producing custom orders, and I can now handle smaller orders that were impractical before."

To support expanding the product range into larger machinery, Wood-Mizer completed construction of an additional production hall in early 2014.

"We want to be a provider of sawmilling equipment to the timber industry at all levels," shares president and CEO Richard Vivers. "We have diversified our geographical presence and our products. The expansion of our European headquarters gives us a solid base to move up to the next stage in the sawmilling industry globally."

WB2000 Sawmill General Specifications
22kW Electric (30kW optional)

Power Supply:
400V/50Hz, 3Ph

Length - 6m
Width - 90mm

Blade Wheel
Diameter - 800mm
Cast steel wheels

Throat Size
Max throat width - 900mm
Clearance above blade - 450mm
Max height below the blade - 900mm

Cutting Capacity
Max. Log Diameter - 1m
Max. Log Length - 8.2m (7.5m with board removal system)
Min. Log Length – 1m
Max. Log Weight - 6 tonnes

Length – 14m (11m – without operator stand)
Width - 2.7m (with closed blade guide)
Height 2.86m
Weight 8000kg

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