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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

His own boss with a mobile sawmill

His own boss with a mobile sawmill
How Pavel Kadlec became involved in his local timber industry as a mobile sawyer.

Once a bus driver from the Czech village of Dacice, Pavel Kadlec remembers how he once overheard a colleague mention that she needed to return home because a sawmill was coming. When he inquired more, she explained that a mobile sawmill was coming to her house to cut logs into useable timbers.

That was Pavel’s first introduction to the world of portable sawmills. The concept intrigued him that he might be able to do something similar in the future.

In 2009, Pavel acted on that idea, and purchased a Wood-Mizer LT20 sawmill with hydraulic log loading. Because of the hydraulics, Pavel can load and process logs up to two tonnes on his sawmill easily. Even though he offers a mobile service, Pavel decided against a petrol or diesel engine, and chose an11kW electric motor instead. Electric motors require less maintenance, are quieter, and in the Czech Republic, even most farmers have a 380V connection.

Wood-Mizer’s mobile sawmills are equipped with a fully-certified trailer configuration that allows the operator to tow the mill to his jobsites.
Pavel uses Wood-Mizer’s SilverTip blade brand. SilverTip is an economy blade designed primarily for use in secondary processing of wood that already has the bark removed. Bark, often full of dirt and rocks, can dull blades prematurely, so Pavel uses the optional Debarker attachment to mitigate blade dulling and maximise his blade sharp life. The Debarker chipps out a clear path in the bark for the blade to pass through.

Pavel uses Wood-Mizer’s ReSharp service to keep his blades maintained. He simply ships dull blades back to Wood-Mizer and they are returned to him like new. This frees him to spend more time sawmilling and making money, instead of maintaining blades.

<img alt="The Wood-Mizer LT20 band sawmill with hydraulic log loading and an electric motor meets Pavel’s needs for his business" my="" sawmill="" has="" never="" let="" me="" down!"="" pavel="" smiles"="" src="img/misc/2014051513222.jpg?ver=140014830113" align="right" height="299" width="400">Pavel believes in caring for the machine that provides his livelihood. Each day, he spends 15-20 minutes checking everything on the machine, making adjustments, and lubricating moving parts. Correct blade tension is crucial to sawing performance, and this is one thing that he checks by using a tension meter on the blade. If the blade is over-tensioned, bearings and rollers wear faster. If the blade is under-tensioned, vibration increases and cutting quality is reduced.

Because of Pavel’s attention to these details, he is able to confidently and consistently produce high quality products for his customers, who are usually carpenters and builders. He is currently booked two months into the future, which makes him feel very pleased with his choices to pursue a new career path.

Pavel enjoys working by himself, offering a service that people need and value, and he loves to be able to see evidence of his work at the end of the day – a stack of high quality timber and a happy customer. He usually averages five cubic metres a day, and can increase that if needed. His personal record is 15 cubic metres, sawing from dawn to dusk.

"My sawmill has never let me down!" Pavel smiles. If you are ever in the village of Dacice, look for the emerald green Nissan Terreno displaying the message, "We can cut your wood with our mobile sawmill!"

Customers enjoy the high quality of the finished product, as well as use the slabs and sawdust around the farm
Pavel tows his Wood-Mizer sawmill with his Nissan Terreno SUV

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