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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Sawing success starts with the proper blade

Sawing success starts with the proper blade
Wood-Mizer’s high quality blades with long flex life and sharp life have made them popular not only for Wood-Mizer sawmill owners, but also for owners of sawmills by other manufacturers.

Şükrü Aysum runs a wood processing company in Kayseri, Turkey. He owns both a Wood-Mizer sawmill and a traditional vertical band sawmill, but uses Wood-Mizer’s SilverTIP blades on both mills.

"After switching to these blades, we went from changing blades on the vertical sawmill four times per shift to being able to run a full eight hour shift without changing once," Mr. Aysum relates. "With the blades we used to use, cracks would appear quickly and the blades would break. It was not safe for our workers. With the Wood-Mizer blades we are using now, it is a different story. I am very pleased that in the four years we have used Wood-Mizer blades, we have not had a single accident."

"There is a difference that should be understood," shares Erol Kanat, Wood-Mizer’s representative in Turkey. "On Wood-Mizer sawmills, we recommend sharpening the blade after cutting 1.5 cubic metres of wood, or after two hours of work to maximise flex and sharp life. However, this vertical bandmill has a much lower rpm than Wood-Mizer’s mills, and also the blade is two metres longer – almost six metres total. That is how it is possible to cut wood with only one blade for a whole shift on the vertical bandmill."

<img alt="Success with wood processing must begin with a good blade, says Oral Sağıroğlugil" success="" with="" wood="" processing="" must="" begin="" a="" good="" blade,"="" says="" oral="" sağıroğlugil"="" src="img/misc/20140422135055.jpg?ver=139816473613" align="right" height="300" width="401">Another sawmill owner, Oral Sağıroğlugil runs a business outside Kayseri. With his brother, he has run the company for 13 years producing timber for windows and furniture. They are third generation woodworkers. In these years, they have tried many different blades before Wood-Mizer Blades.

"We saw cants from Indonesia, and also cut dry and green cants from the Ukraine and Russia," shares Mr. Sağıroğlugil. "About a year ago, we bought three SilverTIP blades with a thickness of 1,07mm and a tooth profile of 10/30. We run them on our Turkish-made vertical bandmills. After twelve months of continuous usage, not one of the three blades have broken. With our previous blades, we sharpened them every two hours, which meant that our operators were not cutting for the full shift, but only about 6.5 hours. Now, with the Wood-Mizer blade, the operator is able to cut for the full eight hours without replacing the blade, and working time efficiency has improved 15-20%." In a production space of 6,000m2, this means a significant increase in overall productivity.

He has also stopped sharpening his own blades in-house. "Mr Aysum, the owner of the nearby sawmill, advised me to send my blades into a professional service centre," recalls Mr.Sağıroğlugil. "I first calculated my expenses for indoor sharpening – salary, electricity, maintenance, etc. It resulted that sending blades to the service centre was ten times cheaper! I believe that was one of my best decisions – to send out the blades for sharpening."

Wood-Mizer Blades can be sharpened many times without breaking
The authorised ReSharp service centre in Kayseri is owned by Özkan Efkan. He has been in business with his brother for 11 years, and since 2010 they have officially sold and maintained Wood-Mizer blades. They have about 200 clients, and each day they sharpen 50-100 Wood-Mizer blades. They use Wood-Mizer’s industrial blade maintenance equipment – two high-performance BMS500 sharpeners and the BMT300 computerised pneumatic tooth setter.

"Our prices enable our clients to retain more profits by employing us to sharpen their blades than to do it themselves," Mr. Efkan shares. "We usually finish an order the same day."

Why send your blades to a specialist? Here are five top reasons to consider.

1. The highest quality sharpening is guaranteed.
2. Professionally sharpened blades cut better and longer.
3. Blades are returned quickly.
4. Reduce other factors and costs – equipment, service, electricity, heating, salary.
5. Focus on sawmilling, not sharpening.

"In my opinion, success with wood processing must begin with a good blade," says Oral Sağıroğlugil. He is right.

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