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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Welcome to Wood-Mizer UK
10 years supporting the sawmilling success of our UK customers

Welcome to Wood-Mizer UK
Since 2004, Wood-Mizer UK has had a dedicated team of employees working hard to support their customers through the UK and Ireland. Several years ago, David Biggs was appointed as General Manager of the office, after serving almost two years as service manager. His prior experience was as a Marine Engineer in the Royal Navy for 22 years, specialising in submarine service. Starting at Wood-Mizer was a completely new experience for him, but one that he truly has enjoyed.

"Keeping a customer happy and his mill working correctly is what I enjoy the most about my job," Dave shares."To go out to a customer who may be having some problems, and when you leave he has a beaming smile on his face, he is shaking your hand and says, ‘Gee, thanks Dave!’ I enjoy that because you can see very visibly that you have achieved something and made a big difference for that customer."

Sawmills in the UK
Dedicated support is vital to many of Dave’s customers, who depend on their sawmills to earn them an income. Many are mobile sawyers that have very well established businesses. Some customers cut and sell custom construction lumber to local builders quite successfully. Dave shares that more tree surgeons are seeing how a sawmill can complement their existing business, diversifying their options after removing trees past simply chipping them or producing firewood.

Woodlot owners, which include many farmers, are also finding that they can produce timber for their own needs by utilising their existing resources. Woodworkers also like having a sawmill in their workshop, as they can cut only exactly what and when they need it.
Customer Service

Dave and his team are available Monday through Friday at their office in Yalding, Kent to help with orders of parts and blades, troubleshooting issues, as well as preparing quotes for new equipment purchases. Common spare parts and blades are kept in stock in their warehouse and orders are shipped for next day delivery. Delivery by 9am the next morning is also an option for parts or blades that need to arrive in a hurry.
Dave encourages customers to call the office if they run into any problems with their sawmill or cutting. Most issues can be diagnosed over the phone and needed replacement parts shipped out right away.

Agents in Northern England, Scotland, and Ireland also bring professional, more localised service and support for customers in those areas. If needed, Dave or one of the agents can make a personalised service call to a customer to take care of a specific issue or simply to do an overall tune-up on the machine. Dave generally tries to schedule several service calls at the same time so everyone saves on the travel costs.

Blades and ReSharp
Wood-Mizer UK’s general manager David Biggs
"We supply the full range of blade and sharpeners and setters for our customers," shares Dave."The most popular blades we sell are the 1 ½ inch and 1 ¼ inch blades in the two main profiles - 10/30 and 9/29. We do sell a few of the 4/32s for hard or frozen timber and also the soft timber blade, the 13/29. We can supply our blades in any length. So we do supply a number of customers who do not run Wood-Mizer mills, but do use our blades."

The UK office also offers Wood-Mizer’s popular ReSharp service. Dave explains the advantages this offers his customers.

"To the customer, the time that they are sharpening and setting blades is time that they are not milling, so they are not making money. So by sending their blades to us, all they have to do is put them in a box and we do everything else. We sharpen and set them on exactly the same equipment that is used to manufacture the blades in the first place. You can guarantee that when the blades leave ReSharp, they are in the same condition as when they were new – the profile is exactly right, the set is correct, and the blades will perform as the customer expects."

APF 2014
Among the many local forestry and agricultural shows that Dave and his agents attend throughout the UK, they are looking forward to the UK’s biggest forestry show, APF, which will be held September 18, 19, & 20th at the Ragley Estate in Alcester, Warwickshire.
Wood-Mizer is close to releasing several new products that Dave and the UK team are very excited about. Dave plans to showcase the new products at APF in September, so be sure to visit us and see what is new.

Contact Information:
Wood-Mizer UK
Hopfield Barn
Kenward Road, Yalding
Kent ME18 6JP
Tel: +44 1622 813 201

Northern England
Martin Phillips
Tel: 0 7572 999 406
Tel: 0 7568 356 444

Keith Threadgall
Tel: 07789 551686

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