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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer opens branch in Romania

Wood-Mizer opens branch in Romania Thin kerf leader's Wood-Mizer Ro Srl branch goes deep into an economy which enjoys Europe's 8th largest purchasing power.

Wood-Mizer intends to build upon already dramatic sales growth in Romania in recent years and has established its own Romanian branch.

Even in difficult trading conditions the new branch manager Adrian Echert, 22, predicts healthy growth this year. First Wood-Mizer sales in Romania were in the early 1990s when the European facility was being built in Poland. Robert Baginski, European sales director, explains:

"Our presence in Romania began with two representatives: S.C.Rofelix Universe Srl and S.C.Echert Comprod Srl.

"Both were a success and Wood-Mizer owes them gratitude for their efforts and their contribution to our advancement", adds Mr Baginski. Now the new young branch manager is the son of Michal Erchert, one of the representatives.

Romanian demand has been particularly good since the country joined the EU and Wood-Mizer has high hopes there. The company view seems justified. Romania is an 'upper-middle-income' EU member of Central-Eastern Europe, sometimes dubbed a 'Tiger' economy whose growth is amongst the fastest. It's GDP ($264 bn.) is 11th largest and eighth largest based on purchasing power.

Some economic predictions indicate that Romanian GDP will double by 2011 and one source suggest it will overtake Italy in GDP per capita by 2020.

Wood-Mizer is equipped to exploit this vibrant economy with a trade mark which is one of the most famous and popular amongst sawmills worldwide. The company was founded 25 years ago in Indianapolis, USA, where three of its facilities operate. Company founders, engineers Donald Laskowski and Daniel Tekulve, developed a unique design of narrow band sawmills with novel features and advantages.

The cutting head of the sawmill has a cantilever construction and moves on a monorail located to one side of the bed. As a result, the sawmill can be mobile: towed by car to stacked logs and set up even on rough ground in the forest in 20 minutes. Although the ground is never flat, the sawmill makes precise and accurate cuts since its stability is provided by the sole horizontal steel rod along which the cutting head moves.

Profit from operating a Wood-Mizer mill comes from economies at all functions and stages. The narrow band blade cuts to just two millimetres thickness, which means less sawdust and more valuable timber from each log. On average one-to-two more boards are produced than with a circular blade. Moreover, narrow blades need less engine power and guarantee energy or fuel savings to users. As well as using less power, its carbon footprint is thereby minimised.

Recently, demand for Wood-Mizer sawmills has grown significantly – about 150% annually, another explanation for the company investing in its own branch at Sibiu, in the Romanian midlands. Robert Baginski adds: "Our products are well known and in demand in the north of Romania. Now we want to focus on the south where evidently there is need for modern wood cutting equipment."

The new branch will be expected to further strengthen Wood-Mizer's position in the European market where it has enjoyed many successful years. Sales growth forecast for 2008 is 135% and sawmill output is expected to increased up to c.a. 2000. This has led to continuing investment in expanding the Polish facility where the value of new equipment and space will reach $8 million by the end of 2009. Wood-Mizer is the one sawmill manufacturer who produces blades as well. In effect, the company takes entire responsibility for its sawmill operations. Currently, there is a boom in Wood-Mizer blades not only in Romania but throughout Europe. Fourfold growth in blade demand has stimulated an increase in blade production lines from nine to 17.

"We believe that our new branch in Romania is not only an excellent initiative for Wood-Mizer but also will bring new opportunities to customers. Now, in times of financial crisis, old methods of managements as well as worn-out equipment are dropping off the market, freeing space for new ideas and projects which involve the most modern technological solutions and most efficient woodworking techniques.

"With their Wood-Mizer sawmills, owners can confident of joining a manufacturer renowned for reliability, high quality cuts and dedicated service teams. These qualities are enhanced with Wood-Mizer's branch opening in Romania", concludes Robert Baginski.

With Romania now boasting ten $-billionaires (from two in 2006) optimism seems justified, notwithstanding the Europe-wide downturn.

Wood-Mizer Ro Srl
Strada Transilvaniei nr. 5
Cisnadie, judetul Sibiu

Tel: +40/ 745707323

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