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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

New Production Hall almost doubles Wood-Mizer's sawmill manufacturing area

New Production Hall almost doubles Wood-Mizer's sawmill manufacturing area
When American businessmen Dan Tekulve and Don Laskowski originally founded Wood-Mizer in Indianapolis, Indiana, they never imagined the level of growth that the company would experience, not only in North America but also in Don’s ancestral home in Europe. Today, Wood-Mizer’s European headquarters in Koło, Poland has grown into a truly dynamic modern company with international scope.

Wood-Mizer Industries has experienced continued growth in markets across Europe, Asia and Africa. Every few years, the manufacturing space has continued to expand to meet the steady rise in demand and increase in orders. In 2012, work began on the biggest investment project in the history of the corporation.

Expansion would have been impossible without the creation of a new access road from the east. The Kolo City Council decision to allow the new road, gave Wood-Mizer easy access from the main highway. It was named after one of the first company directors, Krystian Lendla.

Careful attention to plans kept the project on track and completed on schedule
Richard Vivers, Robert Baginski and Grzegorz Laskowski review the progress

The new production hall has a total area of 4,250 square metres (45,745 square feet). The design work was started nine months prior to construction. The result is a modern appearance, functional interior design, with a large production hall and new cafeteria for employees.

The concrete floor is 30 cm (11.8 inches) thick throughout the building, allowing the production team to install or re-locate large CNC machinery where and when needed.

"In 2006, we created our first "Master Plan" of a potential facility layout to respond to the feedback that we were getting from our Customers, Branches and Distributors. We allowed ourselves to dream and to plan. In the intervening years, our Distributors and Branches realised their hopes through hard work and energy and in 2012, the dream became a working project when the Board approved the ‘Link Building Project’. In 2013, working with our partners, AIG Architects, ZBR BUDREM and ZW Leszek Kmiec – the dream became a reality", tells Richard Vivers, President of Wood-Mizer Holdings Inc.

Preparing the foundations
The reinforced concrete floor is 30cm (11.6 in) thick throughout the whole building. Machinery can be installed anywhere without further preparation

"History has repeatedly shown that success is comprised of many stages, and requires planning, involvement and good performance. However, all of it cannot happen without people, whose work and effort will achieve the desired result. The design and construction of the road and production facility is a perfect blend of the architects’ vision and the investor’s needs, as well as the professional execution of the project by the contractor. All these factors mean that we can confidently talk about the success of all the people involved", shares Robert Baginski, COO Wood-Mizer Industries.

"Looking at this beautiful facility in its finished form I think back to its origins, to obtaining approvals under the zoning plan, the first drafts, the first decisions of what this building will have inside. I also think back to a very exciting moment of choosing the contractor and the commencement of work, driving the symbolic first spade into the ground. I appreciate very much the fact that everyone involved has put a lot of hard work into this project, and above all, their own heart, of which we can and should be proud", assures Grzegorz Laskowski, WMI Director of Production .

Representing a new era for Wood-Mizer Industries, the 4,250 square metre new production building and offices will support growth

"Over the years of our cooperation we could see how the investor progressed in understanding the architect’s work, and the problems he has to face, as well as the functions fulfilled by architecture in life and work. Anyway, the maturing process works both ways. We as architects educate the investor and also learn from them. The completed "Link" building is an example of close co-operation of the designers and the investor, architecture and function, the objective and the effect", tells Andrzej Bielewski from AiG Architekci company.

"After almost twenty years, our company has once again had the pleasure of building a manufacturing facility for Wood-Mizer. Wood-Mizer, as always, was perfectly prepared for the investment, but at the same time they were a very demanding investor, constantly striving to make a perfect facility, according to the design, to the highest standard. I think that both companies, Wood-Mizer and BUDREM, can be proud of the result. I would wish to collaborate with all investors in a similar way", shares Ryszard Wilczewski from ZBR "BUDREM".

"Our partnership with Wood-Mizer has been going on for several years. So far, all of our joint projects were completed successfully. The next task was to implement the road. It was not an easy task due to the complexity and diversity of work and the short time frame. However, difficult tasks strengthen ties between cooperating companies. I wish we always could have as good investors as Wood-Mizer", tells Leszek Kmieć, the builder of the new road, Zakład Wielobranżowy company.

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