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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Hersan company announced as first distributor for Wood-Mizer sawmills in Spain

Hersan company announced as first distributor for Wood-Mizer sawmills in Spain
In spite of the crisis, there has been a niche group in the wood industry that has remained fairly stable throughout Europe over the past several years, many of these businesses reporting growing or stable profits due to their unique business model – the utilization of a narrow-band sawmill for primary wood processing. Typical businesses utilize a sawmill for producing rough-sawn wood for roofs, pallets, or supplying a specific product on contract. Many of these businesses are also employed by simply cutting custom wood products to supply local demand, or for the preparation of final wood products such as furniture, flooring, cabinets, and more.

Due to the unique placement of a sawmill into their productions, businesses are reporting that it allows them to diversify across additional product categories, cut costs, and overall boost the profitability of the enterprise.

Wood-Mizer Industries is arguably the most well recognized manufacturer of narrow-band sawmills in the world. Having originated in the United States in 1982, they have since successfully found representation throughout the world.

However, until this year, there has not been an official representative of Wood-Mizer sawmills in Spain. Sawmills had to be purchased from Wood-Mizer’s branch location in France, until now. In November 2013, Wood-Mizer has announced that the Hersan company, located in the town of Albacete 2 ½ hours south eastof Madrid, is now distributing their sawmills to the Spanish wood industry.

Hersan currently represents a wide range of secondary wood processing machinery, and with Wood-Mizer’s unique solutions for small to medium scale primary wood processing, they are pleased to offer a full range of complete solutions starting from the round log.

Family owned and operated by Javier and Enrique Hernandez, the Hersan company has operated for more than 25 years, supplying the Spanish wood industry with high quality products, and also supporting their clients with a machine repair services. Although the Wood-Mizer brand is a new addition to their offering, they have always sold bandsaws, so are already familiar with the technology and its uses.

"We are a hardworking team who want to do the best for our customers. We like the work we do, and I think we are the right company to introduce Wood-Mizer to the Spanish wood industry where many are not very well informed about these products."

For more information, visit www.woodmizer.es and www.hersancr.com.

Hersan company

C/ Sangradera,nº 1-B, 1ºDcha, Esquina Avenida de la Libertad
02400 - Hellin - Albacete
Apartado de correos 92
Tlf.967 301 128
Tlf.967 302 782

C/Juan de Toledo, 9 y 11
Teléfono: 967 211 016
Fax: 967 524 310
02005 Albacete

Carretera de Albacete-Requena s/n
Teléfono: 967 219 074
02006 Albacete

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