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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

The Wood-Mizer LT20 Sawmill Series
Affordable, professional timber production

The Wood-Mizer LT20 Sawmill Series
Designed to saw timber in smaller enterprises such as furniture workshops, forest cooperatives, local sawmill services, and farms, the LT20 is the ideal combination of affordability and maximum features for quality and efficient production of timber.

Main features:

1) Efficient Cutting
Using Wood-Mizer’s signature narrow band blades, only 2mm of wood is removed in each cut, as compared to the 6mm at a traditional mill. More lumber results from every log, and much less sawdust is generated. Smaller blades also require less power to operate, so less energy is used during the operation of the sawmill.

2) The Power Source
The LT20 comes with a few choices in regard to power source – 11 kW electric motor, 22hp diesel engine, or 25hp gasoline/petrol engine.

3) Computer Setworks
Greatly increasing production capabilities, the computer calculates board thickness and automaticallymoves the saw head into place for the next cut.

Portable Wood-Mizer LT20 band sawmill
4) Log Loading

Depending on the needs of the sawyer, the LT20 can be outfitted with several log loading options: manual loading with the assistance of a winch or hydraulic pump, or a full hydraulic system can be chosen for easy loading, positioning, clamping and turning of the log.

Mobile LT20
An mobile LT20 is an excellent solution for many wood production companies. Eliminating the need to transport logs to the sawmill, mobility is ideal for custom sawmill companies who travel to customer locations. The sawmill tows behind your vehicle and requires approximately 20 minutes to set up at the new location.

Stationary LT20B
For workshops where the sawmill does not need to be mobile, the low-cost LT20B is an ideal solution for profitable timber production. The LT20B features a segmented frame that sits low to the ground for easier log loading and handling. Additional frame sections can be added to extend cutting length. This model is popular when costs must be kept to a minimum, and labour is readily available.

Stationary Wood-Mizer LT20B sawmill
Affordable, professional timber production

The LT20 sawmill series comes available in a variety of configurations designed to fit the production and budget requirements of growing timber enterprises.Designed first for quality and reliability, the LT20 comes with a two-year warranty on major components of the equipment. Contact us to discuss your plans and business needs, and we can recommend a sawmillis best suited to your specific goals.

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