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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

A Dream Home that Celebrates Wood

A Dream Home that Celebrates Wood The Kucera family successfully develops sawing business and helps people build the homes of their dreams

Jiri Kucera has been a woodworker for many years. Together with his wife Adriana Kucerova, they have owned their own business using Wood-Mizer sawmills since 2002.

"The first time I saw this technology at an exhibition in Brno, I liked how the equipment cut logs," recalls Kucera. "So I estimated the advantages and the prospects and we ordered two LT40 sawmills."

Since that time, the Kucera family has used several Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmills in their business. "Wood-Mizer moves forward. Their designers are constantly working on innovations. The technological progress makes changes in the sawmill design, and if you want to be at a competitive level with other sawing enterprises, you need to use modern equipment," explains Miroslav Greill, the representative of Wood-Mizer in Czech.

Jiri Kucera completely agrees with him. "Our new LT40 sawmills are equipped with setworks. It makes the operator's work much easier - no need to remember the board thickness or perform calculations in your head. We also ordered the sawmills with the bed extensions and now we are able to cut logs up to 14.5m long," says Kucera.

Such long timber is in demand because Kucera’s business has found a steady business in the construction of wooden houses and cottages.

"We produce different products - rails, fencing, arbors, and benches. But our main product is wooden homes. People come to us with their own architecture project. We carefully check the project, making our comments and advice
and then cut the wooden components of the house accurately for the customer's dimensions and quantity," Kucera shares on the details of his job.

Four of his ten employees are skilled to operate the Wood-Mizer sawmill. Three other workers work with Jiri Kucera to assemble their clients’ homes.

"For us, cut quality is key. Take a look at the perfect surface of this beam!" Kucera says as he reviews the lumber being prepared for delivery. Cutting quality depends on how the blade is sharpened. Kucera has all his blades sharpened by the Wood-Mizer ReSharp service in Prague and he always has perfectly maintained blades in stock for use.

"My employees are very busy on production and for me is much easier to order and to pay for ReSharp service than to run my own sharpening equipment and employ an additional worker. I simply send 40 blades by post every 10 days and 3-4 days later I get them back ready to cut. It’s a lot off my mind."

Kucera’s company had steady business from 2007 to 2009, averaging about 2,400 cubic meters annually, but demand is still good with some customers coming from 100 km. In 2012, the company cut 1,900 cubic meters of pine, spruce and larch.

"Last summer I was busy on construction projects, I worked 13 Saturdays and 11 Sundays!" recalls Kucera. Not only has Jiri and his company built homes for other people, but they also built his own house. "Oh yes," confirms Adriana Kucerova, "We designed and built our own house more than 2 years ago and then added on to it four years later."

As a result Kucera family has a beautiful house in mountains. The area is 600 square meters, three floors with a basement and an attic. It’s the perfect home for the whole family, especially for their children. Jiri and Adriana have a 17 year old son, the mechanic; a 16 year old daughter, the future hairdresser and a 10 year old son, who is active in school.

In the sawmill yard, where the logs are staged, Jiri Kucera call specific attention to trees that are stressed and twisted.

"Usually such wood is wasted, but there are inexpensive methods to convert these defects into special products," explains Kucera. He dries these boards, cleans them and further treats their surface with wood ash. As a result the surface becomes of a beautiful platinum color the grain pattern where there was previous damage converts this board in a unique decorative element for … a bench.

With such a creative approach to a valuable natural material, as well as with the opportunities offered by Wood-Mizer technology, Kucera’s company always has customers, and its owners enjoy the rewards not only from a financial point of view, but also because they help people to build homes of their dreams.

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