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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer supported the community of Kolo with the donation of a Lastec Articulator mower to maintain the town's football stadium and other green areas

Wood-Mizer supported the community of Kolo with the donation of a Lastec Articulator mower to maintain the town's football stadium and other green areas A Lastec Articulator mower is providing a fast, efficient and economical solution to cutting the grass at the football stadium and other turfed areas in Kolo, Poland, where Wood-Mizer has its European headquarters.

The mower was given to the town by Wood-Mizer Industries last year, in recognition of the support provided to the company since it was established there in 1990. The company has expanded rapidly, with investment in manufacturing and assembly halls for sawmills and sawblades, and a steady increase in the number of dedicated and hard-working employees.

"This growth could not have happened without the support of Kolo's residents and officials", said sales director Robert Baginski. "Last year the company celebrated its 20th anniversary and we wanted to mark the occasion by making a gift to the town".

Wood-Mizer presented the mower to the Mayor of Kolo, Mieczyslaw Drozdzewski, at a ceremony that was held at the town's football stadium. Previously it took six hours to cut the grass in the stadium, using small pedestrian mowers. Andy Taylor, sales manager with Lastec UK, who attended the event, said that the Articulator would be able to do the job in around 30 minutes. This claim was greeted with scepticism - so Andy climbed aboard the mower and gave a demonstration.

"Everyone was surprised and impressed by the speed of the machine and the quality of the cutting", said Robert Baginski. "For the last year it has been used regularly to keep the town's green areas, including the stadium, in good condition".

Articulator rotary mowers are used by championship golf courses around the world. The machines are manufactured by Lastec, which was founded by Jeff Laskowski, chief executive officer of Wood-Mizer. They use a patented belt drive system which is the most efficient of all drive systems - using 50% less fuel and generating 50% less CO2 than hydraulically-driven mowers of the same size.

The model presented to Kolo is the 2261 Zero Turn, a highly manoeuvrable machine that turns around within in its own width. This aids productivity because no grass is missed at the end of each turn when the mower runs back and forth. It has a 1.5m cutting width and features a unique modular baffling system that allows the deck to be a true rear or side discharging deck that can also be set up to mulch. The rear discharge allows the mower more trimming flexibility and is far safer to operate around traffic or people.

Photo: Mayor Mieczyslaw Drozdzewski of Kolo test drives the Lastec Articulator mower

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