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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Trade fair success illustrates dealer’s profound knowledge of Czech Republic timber processing

Trade fair success illustrates dealer’s profound knowledge of Czech Republic timber processing Wood-Mizer’s stand at the recent PragoLigna trade fair in the Czech Republic drew a lot of interest in the narrow band blades and sawmills demonstrated.

The well attended presentations underline the widespread adoption of Wood-Mizer products in the country over the past 16 years.

Miroslav Greill, director of Wood-Mizer Servis explains that approximately 600 Wood-Mizer band sawmills operate in the Czech Republic, in most cases providing a steady income in difficult economic conditions compounded by national forest policy changes.

Before Prague’s Velvet Revolution Miroslav Greill was a forester in a state forestry enterprise. The operation was first in the country to acquire three, then innovative, narrow band sawmills from the American firm, Wood-Mizer. The Czechs had seen them demonstrated at Ligna Messe 1991, their first European airing. Narrow band sawing was new then and Miroslav Greill mastered the technique with the cooperation of Wood-Mizer’s new Polish plant, explaining….

"Czech forests are good and together with the social changes that brought our revolution, opportunities emerged to develop small and medium-sized private businesses.

"These included new construction firms and consequently, a regular requirement for lumber", Miroslav Greill explains. Armed with such an opportunity he founded Wood-Mizer Servis in 1995, prospering particularly in the periods 1995-1998 and 2004-2008. The fax machine hardly stopped receiving enquiries in the early days and now the internet is ‘surfed’ for information. Wood-Mizer’s trade fair stands field countless questions which often lead to new Czech Wood-Mizer operations.

Back in 1995, countless new sawing technologies came on the market and woodworkers found it difficult to make a choice.
However, self-evident reliability, efficiency and recovery proved the key. To this day, Wood-Mizer continuously seeks improvements to products which representatives demonstrate at forestry, timber and agricultural fairs.

At PragoLigna for example, Miroslav Greill presented a simple, effective aid to timber frame housing. A cutting head combined with a moulder/planer head were mounted on an LT15 bed. Result: a small LT15 band sawmill both sawing and then planing and shaping beams.

"Small, family operations providing traditional timber sawing services show a lot of interest in the smallest Wood-Mizer, the LT10 too", says Miroslav Greill

"Even so and despite the LT10’s attractions, I often recommend the next series of machines, the LT15s, even though they cost more than the rather simpler LT10. Generally, they are seen as ‘Entry’ sawmills.

"But a year later, when clients’ businesses grow and they ask how to further develop their services, it can be done easily by adding a few accessories to their LT15s like a debarker or electric feed to the sawing head.

"Take yet another step and the opportunities for more gradual development are created by the LT20 series. These sawmill can be static or mobile, with the ability to upgrade with various options.

"Of course, Wood-Mizer manufactures not only sawmills but its own band blades too.

"In our country the quality of the blades is widely appreciated not only by Wood-Mizer operators but by those using other makes of band sawmills –– they are the best blades for cutting wood on the market.

"We know our clients. When they call to order blades it means they have a sawing order and blades must be delivered fast.

"A blades order before 13.00hrs at Wood-Mizer Servis is delivered the same day so the client can saw next day", Miroslav Greill adds.

Currently, in the Czech Republic there are good opportunities to acquire high-quality production equipment and the EU is deeply involved in the modernisation of agriculture. For its part, Wood-Mizer Servis assists clients developing business plans which lead to such EU support. In addition, Wood-Mizer has for some time cooperated with the leading Czech leasing company CZOB Leasing to arrange credit for certain customers.

This combination of factors lead to small sawmill businesses in the Czech Republic viewing their future with optimism, claims Wood-Mizer Servis.

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