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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Bulgarian Wood-Mizer representative opens bold new HQ building

Bulgarian Wood-Mizer representative opens bold new HQ building Wood-Mizer's Bulgarian representative since 1996, Ecotechproduct Ltd., reports completion of its new, wholly-owned headquarters in the capital, Sofia.

The impressive building comprises ground floor plus two storeys and cost €2million. Commenced in 2005 the new building includes a 700 square-metres warehouse, a service department, 300m2 showroom and 300m2 of offices.

"It wasn't easy to bring such a big project to completion, especially since we started in a period of healthy growth just before the global recession when we were forced to finish construction in tough conditions", says Kalin Simeonov, who heads Ecotechproduct.

"We are very glad that some of the biggest difficulties are almost behind us and can now welcome our numerous customers to our new offices which are much more comfortable for us and for our customers".

As well as representing Wood-Mizer in Bulgaria, Ecotechproduct handles a line of trademarks such as CML, FLAI, Uniconfort and Agazzani from Italy, Paul from Germany, Posch from Austria and many others.

Almost 600 Wood-Mizer sawmills operate in the Bulgaria's wood processing industries and the number is set to increase as the economy at last begins to recover after the travails of the recession.

Bulgaria will join the eurozone in 2013.

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