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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Narrow blade quality enhancement for any kind of sawing continues

Narrow blade quality enhancement for any kind of sawing continues Worldwide, Wood-Mizer is foremost among band sawmill producers as the only one which makes its own band blades. Furthermore, extended European blade lines, the addition of the punching function and launch of an additional blade enhance this advantage.

In 2009, following major investment, punching presses began tooth production on top of the basic blade coils made at the company's European headquarters.

Presently, Wood-Mizer’s American facility supplies its European sister with high grade steel to be converted entirely into blades in Poland. The blades are destined for markets in Europe, Asia and Africa, reaching sawyers as complete, ready-to-cut tools, welded, sharpened and set.

Each blade is engraved with an indentifying number for quality control, in compliance with ISO9001:2008. The company was among the first to be accorded this certificate in Poland. Currently, it offers three groups of blades:

1) SilverTip - Wood-Mizer's standard blade;
2) DoubleHard – advanced blade for industrial applications;
3) RazorTipStellite tipped blade for hard- and exotic wood.

Tooth profiles
Wood-Mizer blade tooth design is seen as an industrial standard in wood sawing. Now the company manufactures its blades in five tooth profiles.

1. The 10/30 profile is the most popular for cutting both soft- and hardwoods. Wood-Mizer recommends this profile to operators just beginning wood processing because, thanks to blade versatility, it makes it relatively easy to succeed in any sawing process.
2. The 13/29 profile was developed for softwoods and permits roughly 10% cutting speed increase.
3. The 9/29 profile sometimes is called a ‘winter profile’, by efficiuently converting frozen logs.
4. The 4/32 profile is generally used for extremely hard or dried woods.
5. The recently developed 7/34 profile copes with dense tropical woods as well as kiln-dried hardwoods.

Blade parameters
Length. The standard Wood-Mizer blade for LT10, LT15, LT20, LT40, and HR500 sawmills is 401cm or 180 teeth long. The LT70 Series, HR1000 and the industrial WM3000 Series sawmills use blades 467cm long or 210 teeth. Wood-Mizer produces blades to any length on request for use on band sawmills of other manufacturers.

Width. DoubleHard and RаzorTip have two variants of width, 32mm or 38 mm, while SilverTip has a greater choice of width including 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 45mm, and 50mm. The last two are for wide band sawmills.

Thickness. RazorTip blade thickness is 1.07mm or 1.14mm. DoubleHard assortment is of more variable by thicknesses: 1.07mm, 1.14mm, 1.27mm, or 1.40mm. Тhe latter ‘thick’ blades are for Wood-Mizer LT70 and WM3000 sawmills, i.e. they are long enough. The SilverTip series, except standard thicknesses of 1.07mm and 1.14mm, have super-thin blades of 1mm thickness.

SilverTip blades

SilverTips are of standard steel. Each tooth is induction hardened, giving it an edge over those of competitors. Originally SilverTip blades were developed for secondary processing, cutting clean debarked material. However, many European sawyers began primary log cutting with them and found they worked fine! With their reasonable price these blades generate a healthy blade cost per cubic metre of sawn wood ratio.

DoubleHard blades

The attraction of DoubleHard blades lies in both durability and flexibility. Such a combination provides longer blade life compared with similar competitors' blades. The secret is a unique steel alloy. Wood-Mizer invests in high grade steel and individually hardens teeth by induction. As a result the DoubleHard blade stays sharp longer and keeps teeth set. DoubleHard is the most used band blade in worldwide w

RazorTip blades
Stellite tipped blades were developed to saw particularly abrasive, extra hard wood species and were launched in the spring of this year.

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