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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Re-launched, semi-industrial band sawmill Wood-Mizer LT70-Remote suits business climate

Re-launched, semi-industrial band sawmill Wood-Mizer LT70-Remote suits business climate Galvanized by current market conditions, Wood-Mizer has relaunched its remote-controlled LT70 semi-industrial band sawmill with major enhancements. In static mode in a production line with an edger this mill is particularly productive and flexible in turning out final products, claims the company.

Wood-Mizer is seeing strong evidence amongst groups of Europe’s (and elsewhere’s) wood businesses looking to set up semi-industrial processing operations that fall halfway between its non-remote LT70 sawmill range and industrial LT300 mills. Although LT300 operations represent one of Wood-Mizer’s major successes, some would-be wood processors do not want to commit to the required capital investment, hold large log and sawn stocks nor deal with industrial scale sawdust and slab disposal in volatile economic conditions. Yet they do want a sawmilling process which non-remote LT70s don’t deliver — hence, the LT70-Remote band sawmill.

The LT70-Remote sawmill was actually unveiled in 2001. However, Wood-Mizer’s successful strategy of extending its narrow blade technology to the LT300 band sawmill in 2003 rather overshadowed the LT70 sawmill. The two mills were similarly designed. The LT300 met widespread popularity with over 300 now operating worldwide, 150 of them in Europe. The original LT70-Remote sawmill was quietly sidelined so as not to steal the LT300’s thunder and also to streamline the product range.

“Current conditions in the eurozone and elsewhere in Europe now make relaunching the LT70-Remote an obvious move”, explains Robert Baginski, European sales director.

“Our engineers modified the original LT70-Remote band sawmill to incorporate less costly components. An example is manual- instead of electrically-operated hydraulic valves to cut costs without compromising their function,” he adds.

Actually, in terms of overall operation the LT70-Remote sawmill is very like the LT300 sawmill yet it costs 40% less. On the other hand its productivity is only about 30% less. As business improves it is easy to add another LT70-Remote sawmill (or even an LT300 sawmill) and expand by the addition of equipment as opposed to buying one large scale piece of equipment.

The main 18,5 kW motor permits cutting large diameter logs – and this power requirement is low compared with engines on traditional mills. Such energy savings offer a contribution to the environment too.

The LT70-Remote band sawmill productivity increase is mostly due to a handling system which includes a log deck, inclined conveyor and transfer table. Each component’s function in the line is synchronised to avoid ‘bottlenecks’. The log deck can collect four hours’-worth of logs. Furthermore, the mill’s remote controls are easy. Robert Baginski adds:

“Oviously, our LT70-Remote and our industrial LT300 fit different wood processing requirements.

“The LT70-Remote sawmill is simple to maintain and operate. The electric and electronic designs are the same as on the LT70 Series and the new mill can be built in any woodworking set-up, new or existing.

“With our LT70 Remote sawmill we complement our LT300 with a mill of affordable price and design in this hopefully-not-too-long business downturn”, he concludes.

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