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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer France reorganises

Wood-Mizer France reorganises Wood-Mizer France is undergoing reorganisation in moves to sustain the notable nationwide adoption of its thin kerf sawing technique under the management of Emmanuel Poulain.

M. Poulain will henceforth concentrate on increasing usage of the technology in Francophone Africa while his hitherto office manager Mme Laurence Serrurier will now manage the French company day-to-day. Claude Robidet takes responsibility for customer service.

Emmanuel Poulain particularly increased the Wood-Mizer band sawmill population in France during his tenure, not least in the current recession, during which sales decreased in many other European countries.

Wood-Mizer's European management in Poland also decided to relocate what now becomes its wholly owned French branch, at Fauquembergues twelve kilometres from the Longfosse site near Desvres.

The old Longfosse facilities will revert to the Poulain family's own company, Nature et Tradicion. Richard Vivers, director of Wood-Mizer's European (and African, Asian and Far Eastern) activities comments:

"The resilience of French timber processing certainly has been demonstrated and we are confident that our part in it will continue under Mme Serrurier while our friend Emmanuel Poulain further spreads the word in French-speaking Africa.

Wood-Mizer France
Laurence Serrurier
Zac du Prѐ Marechal Route de Fruges
62560 Fauquembergues
Tel: +33-321-930-544
Fax: +33 321 930 990
Tél.mobile: +33-607-025-282

Photograph above: M. Claude Robidet and Mme Laurence Serrurier

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