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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

WM3000 industrial head-rig named
Green light for Wood-Mizer industrial mills' name-change

WM3000 industrial head-rig named Wood-Mizer has renamed its widely used LT300 industrial scale sawmill to the WM3000.

This mill has met widespread enthusiasm since its 2003 debut and more than two hundred of them operate in Europe. Apart from the mills' operating efficiencies, environmental plus significant economical benefits explain the impressive take-up, claim Wood-Mizer.

Naturally, the company intends to build upon such a successful product line and aims to unveil new 'WM' machinery late 2010.

Since 1982 Wood-Mizer sawmills have been prefixed with the letters 'LT' in the honour of the company’s founders, messrs Laskowski and Tekulve who invented the now widely-known, ‘traditional’, orange-coloured Wood-Mizer sawmill design.

However, design of AWMV industrial sawmills is different, suiting multi-shift wood processing operations. To more clearly distinguish green-coloured AWMV sawmills from Wood-Mizer’s orange ones, it was decided to present the LT300 sawmill as WM3000. Such reorganization of industrial products nomenclature allows Wood-Mizer to make room for new products, like a WM3500 sawmill to be launched later this year.

All company centres around the world have the green light to differentiate between new products and services from the 'green' and 'orange' ranges.

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