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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

A new Wood-Mizer log moulder/planer
Log housing firms log on to log moulder

A new Wood-Mizer log moulder/planer Initial enthusiasm amongst builders of cabins and other log structures for a new moulder/planer indicates it could soon become a widely used tool.

Thin kerf technology pioneer Wood-Mizer developed it for producing moulded logs and figured beams. Known as the MP100, its cutting head is designed to sit on a standard LT15 (or LT10) sawmill’s bed made up of several 1,95m or 2,7m segments. The forward and reverse movement of the moulding head as well as up/down movements are manual, using a handle.

Log planing is achieved by a cuter head with four blades, powered by a 4kW electric motor. The planing blades produce a smooth planed surface as a finished product on almost any size of beam or cant. Changing blades is simple and operators can switch to profile knives to produce profiled or shaped beams, columns and other wooden products, which can be used in many applications such as log houses..

Significantly, LT15 sawmill owners (of which there are more than 6,000 in Europe) can install the moulding head on their existing LT15 bed. In effect, Wood-Mizer band sawmill users get an opportunity for new, remunerative activities for little extra investment. To achieve such add-on services, Wood-Mizer recommends an additional bed segment which allows the installation of the LT15 head and MP100 head simultaneously on the same bed. A log is loaded on to the bed and converted into a beam by the LT15 head, which moves to the bed-end as the moulding head starts its work. Beam loading and operating times are slashed.

This is a basic version of the moulder/planer. An advanced version will follow.

Wood-Mizer senses that its log moulder broadens the sphere of activities available to small sawmill owners who are now able to widen their range of timber products. After modest investment, even the penetration of log housing market niches can open up, claims the company.

MP100E5S-1 Specification
Electric motor 4kW
Log feed and up/down manual
Shaft speed 4890 rpm
Maximum moulding/planning width 410mm
Number of knives 4
Minimum material height 60mm
Maximum material height 600mm
Maximum material width 520mm

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