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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Pomeranian timber processor imports exotic wood and exports it to the USA as mining beams

Pomeranian timber processor imports exotic wood and exports it to the USA as mining beams Since 1990 this enterprise, located in the small city of Insk, has been known in Poland as B.R.S. Trak S.C.; in 1999 it was converted into a joint-stock company called Pomeranian Timber.One of the biggest woodworking facilities on the Western Seaboard was established by three men. Mr Caesar Sikorski, Mr Andrzej Paciborski (both are the doctors of philosophy) and the chairman Mr Tadeusz Stepczynski The start of democracy in Poland became the motivating force behind the creation of the company. Why these people and why this place?

«The people and the place are a matter of luck, - says Mr Stepczynski. - For my partners the creation of this business was also a change of profession because they used to work as teachers. It was also the chance for a better future".

Mr Stepczynski is an enthusiastic amateur mechanic. He is occupied with production details while Mr Sikorski and Mr Raciborski are responsible for finance and purchasing. This separation of responsibilities has worked well for years.

Things were not always easy. They started in a rented building close to where they built their new plant. In 1991 they bought their first Wood-Mizer bandsaw, an hydraulic LT40 with a petrol engine which still operates in the workshop.

Mr Tadeusz remembers those times with great emotion – it’s difficult to believe today that in those days he operated
the sawmill himself and also did the blade maintenance.

The sawmill was bought with a loan and that caused sleepless nights for the owners. However the fact that it was the right decision became apparent very quickly. The first key moment in the company’s history happened in 1991 when they won a large order to supply sleepers for the Polish railways.

In answer to the question about purchasing the second sawmill, the chairman answers sincerely:
"The after sales service provided by Wood-Mizer was absolutely amazing. When necessary I would ofte
n call the customer service department in the evening and the next morning the Wood-Mizer people were already on the facility in Insk. In the beginning narrow band technology was very new to us and we needed time to train and to really learn how to use it. So Wood-Mizer’s support for the customer was as a breath of life giving air".

In the following years the company increased the range and volume of products that it offered and eventually built a new facility with about 1000 m3 of kiln drying capacity.

The running of the facility gives an impression of harmony and order that seems to be the main passion of the Chairman. For instance, it’s not so common to see a special road sweeper at woodworking plants. At Pomeranian they use one to ensure that finished timber is not sullied by dust and dirt from the lorries. Right now the annual volume of logs consumed is about 25 000 m3.

Pomeranian have recently bought the Wood-Mizer industrial sawmill, the LT300, and production will increase to about 30 000 m3. Most of the 100 people working in the company have been there for more than 5 years. The Chairman believes that this creates a great psychological comfort in enterprise management: all the people know their jobs very well.

Pomeranian Timber is also a modern equipment park!! TOYOTA and NISSAN loaders operate in the facility while a VOLVO harvester works in the forest. The Directors are absolutely sure that these investments are repaid by the dependability and productivity of the equipment.

That’s why he chose the Wood-Mizer LT300, a sawmill which is simple to install and maintain as well as having the
flexibility to cut a high volume of different dimensions without compromising sawn recovery from the log. It was very important for the owners, amongst other things, that the sawmill could be installed in only 2 days.

Pomeranian Timber is now truly international, exporting beams for mines in the USA, importing logs and exporting sawn timber to such countries as Australia, Japan and Malaysia.

With companies like Pomeranian Timber Poland can fulfill its full role within the EU very successfully.

This success is due to the diligence, inventiveness and attention to detail of the people who created the company.

Krzysztof Kropidlowski
Wood-Mizer, Poland

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