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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Band saws permit expansion of timber cafes and restaurants in Eastern Europe

Band saws permit expansion of timber cafes and restaurants in Eastern Europe Quickly built wooden cafes and restaurants could become an excellent business in Eastern Europe.

In early spring there are the taps of hammers and sounds of sawmills along the whole coast. This means small wooden restaurants are being built. Some of them will be used only for one season and will be taken down in the autumn to be re-assembled the following year.

Seven kilometers from Palanga in a very deep forest wilderness there is a hotel. It is completely made from wood: wooden hotel, wooden restaurant, wooden tents. A small village is nearby. Who needs to leave the sea coast to have a dinner in the village? Meanwhile the hotel is always fully booked and it is essential to book a room in advance.

It is a family business and it is based on a sincere desire to make the business perfect. In addition the owners promote their hotel as a venue for seminars, conferences and brain storming meetings. So you can meet people here ranging from top level managers who thoughtfully speak on globalization problems as well as sculptors energetically mixing porcelain clay.

The hotel and the restaurant have been growing step by step, the owners have been making money and reinvesting it in
the business. To build from wood is inexpensive and quick. All the people in the village take part in the business. Some produce vegetables, some rear pigs and chickens. What could be better than the local supplier? It’s close by and you can easy control the quality. And the most important thing: people in the community are happy to be successful together.

The original idea, wood and great enthusiasm are exactly what you need to succeed.

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