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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

New blades, sharpeners and setters launched as Wood-Mizer completes European manufacturing expansion

New blades, sharpeners and setters launched as Wood-Mizer completes European manufacturing expansion Wood-Mizer’s six-year expansion of band blades manufacturing lines at its European headquarters in Poland is complete, the company announced at Ligna.

At the same time it unveiled two new blades maintenance packages, an extra blade profile and three new blade widths, increasing its selection to five. Dramatically increased demand for the company’s band blades over the past six years – 150% annually – led the company to invest in the expansion and modernization of its production areas. A new 2.400m2 workshop now encompasses nine existing blade production lines and five new ones.

Recently Wood-Mizer launched blades widths of 35mm, 45mm and 50mm increasing blade selection and augmenting popular 32mm and 38mm widths.

A ‘4/32’ blade profile for extremely hard, frozen and dried wood was developed and has been successfully tested. This new profile supplements widely used Wood-Mizer teeth configurations, such as 10/30 for hard and soft woods; 13/29 for soft woods; and 9/29 for hard and frozen woods.

The company also exhibits one improved and also one new blade maintenance package. The BMP-PLCBN semi-automatic sharpener design is improved with a new blade clamping system to enhance sharpening. A waterproof casing for the blade feed motor has been added to enhance engine longevity.

First time at Ligna is a industrial blade maintenance kit that includes an automated sharpener and setter. The equipment offers a new level of blade maintenance, particularly in relation to quality and processing time. The new sharpener design is based on the use of a wider, 203mm diameter CBN disk (commonly, 127mm diameter). Wood-Mizer’s initial tests indicate that the new motor, wider CBN wheel and precise feeding system doubles the speed of sharpening. An industrial, computerised pneumatic setter guarantees high accuracy and tooth-set regularity, claims the company.

The industrial kit is designed for enterprises where three, five or more narrow band sawmills operate as well as for Re-Sharp centres whose business is based on blades maintenance. The new equipment is just a step below the industrial sharpening which Wood-Mizer uses in its European and American factories.

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