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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

The New Industrial Edger

The New Industrial Edger
Once you cut wood on your Wood-Mizer sawmill, the natural next step is to put those freshly-cut boards into an edger. Edging increases the value of your wood, and leaves your mill free to continue cutting. The addition of an edger can increase your mill's productivity by 30 percent! Most woodworking businesses have invested in an edger, and quickly witnessed a large return on that investment. Our twin blade edger takes un-edged boards and edges them to standard widths.

The Wood-Mizer edger can keep pace with today's high-production sawmills. Wood-Mizer's new, heavy-duty E430 edger meets the toughest demands – speed, accuracy and flexibility on large boards. The Wood-Mizer E430 is ready to take on your toughest applications.

Industrial Edger Advantages

    The E430 handles boards up to 100 mm thick and 900 mm wide. The 22 kW, three-phase electric motor powers the two blades through your toughest material.
    The E430 automatically adjusts feed speeds depending on board thickness.
    The operator's console is positionedfor optimum performance.
    The operator's station controls all edger functions, makingadjustments quick, easy,and convenient.
    Both 400 mm insert blades move outward from the center, allowing the use of an optional tailer.
    Standard lasers help you to ensure accuracy, increasing yield and grade.
    CE Certified. Operator safety is always foremost in Wood-Mizer's designs.
22 kW Main Motor. The easily accessible main motor provides ample power for even the most demanding situations.
Laser Alignment. The twin lasers show the cut line of each blade enabling you to maximize recovery.
Feed speed. The feed speed is automatically adjusted by the thickness of the board to be edged. The choice of three speeds are fully adjustable by the operator.
Optional Setworks. The optional setworks package allows you to quickly and accurately select the correct width for each board.

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