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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

WM3000 Material Handling System

WM3000 Material Handling System Wood-Mizer's WM3000 material handling system is built to maximize the productivity of the WM3000 industrial sawmill. The system contains a log deck, inclined conveyor, and transfer table. Though the system was designed specifically for the WM3000 (former LT300 sawmill), each component can be used with other mills. These material handling components are built to the highest quality standards to ensure they properly absorb the shock, strain, and stress of heavy log and lumber handling. The individual pieces work seamlessly together to eliminate bottlenecks and move logs and lumber with minimum effort.

Log Deck
Wood-Mizer log decks keep the WM3000 busy by staging logs to be cut, and loading them on the mill when needed. Available
in two different lengths, these two-strand hydraulic log decks are controlled from the operator station. The logs are brought forward by an electric drive motor. The deck is equipped with a stop/loader, which will ensure that only one log at a time is loaded on the mill – logs can be loaded from either side.

Inclined Conveyor
The inclined conveyor works in tandem with the integral board removal system on the WM3000. As the board is pulled back off the cut, the conveyor receives it and moves it off the mill. It's effective and cost efficient,
and eliminates the need for an extra person. The conveyor removes slabs, flitches and boards with ease and, like the log deck, is controlled by the operator.

Transfer Table
Wood-Mizer engineers came up with a brilliant way of moving boards off the mill while further reducing labor. The
Wood-Mizer transfer table uses gravity to get the job done. After the material moves onto the transfer table, the operator either kicks the cut piece off one side (onto another conveyor or storage area) or lets the board automatically travel down a roller table where it is stopped and held. The transfer table can be made for right- or left-handed use.

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