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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wireless, remote control narrow band sawing moves on from fixed controls

Wireless, remote control narrow band sawing moves on from fixed controls Wire free, unattached remote control band blade sawing has been brought to the world of thin kerf timber processing by Wood-Mizer.
Attached, remote controlled band sawmills have already established a reputation for more convenient, controlled sawing in Europe. The operator views sawing from the action end and doesn't walk along the mill as it operates. He or she maintains hitherto the best view of board-to-log conversion.

The operator is less tired and more in control of sawing on Wood-Mizer's small-to-medium LT20, mid-range LT40 'workhorse' and semi-industrial LT70 models.

Even so, technology marches exponentially as new desires emerge from the market. A poll of sawmillers in France revealed the requirement which was met by two years of R&D at Wood-Mizer's European facility in Poland. New wireless controls were developed for both static, electrically powered and mobile diesel or petrol engined band sawmills.

The wireless system consists of a transmitter, receiver and electric box. On electric mills the transmitter is mounted on a
supporting arm affixed to the mill. Mobile machines have transmitters handled by the operator and a security system controlled by dedicated software and two-handed manipulation.

Increased comfort is particularly welcome amongst sawyers who cut for customers and work single-handed. He or she now can stroll to a better board removal position, for example. All cutting head functions are ordered from the wireless panel, hydraulic log manipulation from dedicated controls mounted on the mill.

Simple design makes the CE certified wireless controls approximately 40% less expensive than the existing, affixed remote control. Already West European mobile sawyers are enthusiastically responding to field tests and Roman Frontczak, director of research and development comments:

"It's more effective, simpler and rewarding than the remote control on my television."

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