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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Croatian small log processing cuts costs, ups production

Croatian small log processing cuts costs, ups production "When our country joined the European Union we wood processors realised that we would face exacting standards in both product quality and safety procedures.

"We were right and additionally, labour costs rose in Croatia.

"Consequently, running a successful sawmill became difficult –– however, opportunities emerged and one aspect of them was the availability of new technologies", says Marko Koscal, the young manager of KOSCAL d.o.o.

Many other new opportunities led to Croatia's GDP rising to $275,5 billion putting her ahead of Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. In the case of KOSCAL which was established in 1994 the opportunity manifested itself in sawing with thin kerf band blades.

A new line for processing small logs inexpensively was acquired. The small log processing line (SLP) using narrow band blade sawing increased production several times.

Wood-Mizer had designed and built the small log processing system which worked on virtually all woods at reasonable cost a year earlier.

Assembled from individual machines (each can work alone), the SLP line includes a twin vertical saw, a single vertical saw, a multi-head horizontal sawmill and a circular saw for finishing. Often difficult to saw species are transformed into good quality flooring, pallet components or furniture sections during one pass.

Marko Koscal explains: "We benefit in several ways: the narrow band saws wood to a thin kerf of 2mm thickness. So I get an extra board from each log. Labour costs are down since we now produce more cubic metres per worker.

"The mills are not expensive and are simple to maintain. Electric motors 11kWminimize energy consumption.

"Moreover, the boards are finished to a perfect surface eradicating the need for further moulding", he concludes.

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