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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Goodyear belts enhance Wood-Mizer band saw performance

Goodyear belts enhance Wood-Mizer band saw performance For most people when they think of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, tires come to mind as does their highly recognizable blimp. When it comes to Goodyear and Wood-Mizer, however, the talk is all about belts.While several parts on Wood-Mizer sawmills are common items that can be purchased at your local hardware store, others are unique to the Wood-Mizer design. The blade pulley belt is one such item.

The B57 V-belt was specifically designed for the blade pulley by Goodyear for Wood-Mizer and is critical to blade performance. The belt acts as a "tire" or cushion for the blade. Absorbing shock load and reducing turbulence. Ultimately the B57 V-belt contributes to longer blade life, cleaner cuts, less waste and higher cutting speed.

Many manufacturers offer B57 V-belts but they use different methods and specifications and are not interchangeable with the custom Goodyear belt. The unique belt rides on the 19" wheels and has the proper crown to ensure accurate blade tracking. These belts are also a continuous piece of rubber and do not have a raised seam. Off brand B57 belts can cause excessive vibration in the carriage, premature blade breakage and poor cutting quality.

It is not uncommon for the Customer Service department at Wood-Mizer to receive calls from sawyers who are concerned with blades being thrown off the drive wheels while cutting. While possibilities range from a very dull blade to sawdust buildup or inadequate blade tensioning, more often it is determined that a B57 belt other than Goodyear is being used. Additionally a worn or cut belt will allow the blade to ride on the wheels and wander back and forth compromising performance.

Wood-Mizer engineers have worked with Goodyear from day one. The excellent partnership has ensured that each sawmill in the orange line-up had a premium belt. Goodyear engineers have been challenged over the years to improve belts performance because Wood-Mizer engineers are continually making equipment advancements and increasing engine power.

Sawmill owners can place real value on the fact that Wood-Mizer works with a company like Goodyear that is dedicated to manufacturing exceptional products and upholding their respected image. This commitment to quality engineering allows Wood-Mizer sawmills to perform at their peak.

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