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Sharpening troubleshooting

Let’s talk about typical mistakes in blade sharpening and setting.

1. Cracks happen as a result of incorrect blade roller adjustment. The back of the blade constantly rubs against the roller flange and case hardens the back of the blade which results in the blade cracking from the back.

2. In this case the blade becomes blunt very quickly. The cause is grinding too hard and heating the gullet too much.

3. You can see that CBN grinding wheel didn’t sharpen the full tooth profile because the angle of the sharpener head is wrong. If you do not use a CBN wheel, but the standard grinding wheel you need to check the wheel profile. Another possible reason for this problem is that the sharpener cam is worn and needs replacing. Cracks start at the point where the grinding wheel misses the gullet.

3a. This is low hook angle. The blade will judder while cutting and the whole head will vibrate.

4. In this case the blade is cracking in the place indicated on the picture. The reason is that the sharpener head has been set incorrectly.

4a. If the tooth height is too small the blade produces "wavy" cutting because it can’t remove all sawdust from the cut. The sawdust will be fine and powdery.

5. The teeth are sharpened incorrectly because of the sharpener head is not perpendicular to the clamp. The blade will get blunt very quickly.

6. The teeth are set too much. The cutting edges of teeth too far out from the body of the blade and will become blunt very quickly. The head will also be jerky while cutting.

7. The setter point is incorrectly adjusted for the tooth height. This will results in an incorrect bend point on the tooth and poor cutting.

Dariusz Kujawa
Customer Service Manager
Wood-Mizer, Poland

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